Blancos Block Party: Fun-First Metaverse with New Exclusive NFT Drop

Blancos Block Party uses its own implementation of the EOS blockchain, integrated seamlessly into the game’s accounts.
  • Blancos Block Party offers a venue for both socializing and several game styles.
  • The colorful metaverse offers special designer mints of its virtual vinyl characters.
  • Blancos Block Party allows users to create obstacle courses, mini-games and paid tournaments.

Blancos Block Party is a colorful metaverse game centered around a 3D urban environment. The game is themed after a block party, where whimsical NFT characters are introduced regularly. Blancos Block Party is an addition to metaverse games similar to The Sandbox, offering a mix of mini-games and community tools. 

Now, Blancos Block Party is releasing its next exclusively designed NFT to add to the mix. Unlike other games, the vinyl characters on Blancos Block Party are custom-made by designers and carry a different energy each time a new one is released. 

The game’s goal was also to onboard more users, starting with its initial NFT collection back in 2021. Some of the in-game items were distributed with a starting price of $25. 

The game’s goal is also to collect and build, while becoming part of the block party community. Players can also join quests such as vibe gathering, as well as racing. The game also has a battle mode with shooting or multiplayer brawler. On the creative side, players can build their own obstacle courses and levels and share them in special events. 

Block Party Offers User-Generated Venues and Tournaments

This makes Blancos Block Party ready for e-sports and mini-tournaments, which are already bringing in players. The addition of tokenomics allows event organizers to create a prize pool through paid participation. 

Blancos Block Party will allow for value transfers, without depleting the game, as it encourages creators to build more complex locations and even generate an invitation page. The game’s party and casual nature also attracts streamers that also host donation campaigns and other types of fundraising. 

Blancos Block Party is a game for the video streaming culture, offering a colorful and quirky backdrop for promoting identities and locations in the metaverse. The game also focuses heavily on the NFT side, where players can also personalize and upgrade their characters. 

The game itself ensures frequent themed updates to alter its look, and boosts the general events-based model for earnings.

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