Blast Royale, Partner of Animoca Brands, Prepares for Closed Beta

Blast Royale in closed beta, potential IDO public sale coming soon.
  • Blast Royale secured $5M in funding with the help of Animoca Brands.
  • Battle royal game with NFT coming in 2022, BLST tokens for round leaders.

Blast Royale may be the next flashy P2E game to achieve a mass launch in 2022. So far, the game is on the verge of a closed beta, inviting potential players with 400 more slots available.

What makes Blast Royale stand out is a recent spike in social media activity. The game project is serious about its marketing, without going over the top in self promotion. 

Additionally, Blast Royale has secured financing, raising a $5M round a week ago. The game received support by Animoca Brands, boosting its position. At this point, Blast Royale lines up among product-first games, with significant backing. While there is no recipe for a successful P2E game, Blast Royale has a high social media activity score and can line up among top games. 

What is the Blast Royale P2E Package

Blast Royale is a brawler game with the goal of adding 30 players. In skilled gameplay resembling Brawl Stars, Blast Royale will reward achievement with tokenized assets. The game will also have a free-to-play version.

Blast Token (BLST) will be the native asset of the game, earned for the top 5 players in every round. Additional assets will include character upgrades and equippable NFTs, coming later in 2022.

NFT items will gain XP points in each battle, creating an incentive to equip and play more to get more rare and advanced items. The equipment will be craftable, with upcoming cosmetic and functional upgrades on the roadmap. Leaderboard play is intended for the end of 2022. 

BLST will be launched as an Ethereum-based token, at least initially. Blast Royale will be a mobile-first game, aiming to build its earning potential before launching the token. There is no set date for the IDO or public sale yet, but Blast Royale is one of the hopeful games for achieving key roadmap milestones. The roadmap is ambitious and there is no guarantee the game team will manage all upgrades on time. 

Blast Royale was first announced in late 2021, by its CEO and co-founder Neil McFarland, an experienced game designer and digital artist.

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