Blast Royale Reaches Soft Launch Stage on November 30

Blast Royale is a brawler with creative playable characters and added advantage through equipment.
  • Blast Royale will open its beta stage, offering a Polygon-based free game with token and NFT options.
  • Blast Royale is produced by First Light Games, with financing backed by Animoca Brands.
  • The game will open its soft launch at the end of the month, meanwhile offering a closed tournament event.

Blast Royale is a fully built brawler-style game with cartoonish art. Now, the project has reached its soft launch stage, starting from November 30.

Almost immediately, the game will start with hold a closed beta event for early adopters and Discord channel members.

Blast Royale is also preparing for an upcoming airdrop, details to be announced soon. Blast Royale is one of the relatively new Web3 games, yet to show its potential for earnings, NFT ownership or other features. 

Blast Royale is currently trying to boost its profile and line up among the more active Web3 games with earnings opportunities. Blast Royale has built a dynamic brawler and shooter game, with some similarities to Brawl Stars, and a collection of cartoonish playable avatars. There are already gamers demonstrating the closed version, playing as many as 500 mini-matches per day.

How Blast Royale Integrates Web3

Blast Royale has created a Genesis collection of wearable items, with various attributes and features. The items are on sale for BLST tokens, the main fixed-supply in-game asset. Blast Royale will also have an in-game inflationary token, Craft Spice (CS), again used for rewards, advancements and upgrades. 

The BLST token still has no price discovery mechanism and is in the early adoption sale stage. But for players that just want a fun brawler, Blast Royale offers free mode access and possible ownership. 

Blast Royale will only partially finance itself with an IDO and NFT sales. The game raised a $5M financing round this year, and is one of the games under the umbrella of Animoca Brands. The brawler is built by First Light Games development studio.

Blast Royale also fulfilled its roadmap goal of achieving a global launch in late 2022. The game will use the Polygon network, which has been picked lately by new games as one of the more reliable and fast blockchains. Over time, the game will evolve from a brawler and into an owned metaverse where players create the battle venues.

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