BNB Chain Extends Web3 Building Program to July 8

Binance Coin (BNB) and BNB Chain remain a top hub for NFT and Web3 development.

BNB Chain is the next decentralized hub to notice a shift to Web3 building. For that reason, the fifth edition of its grants round will be extended. Applications will run until July 8, still an open window for ambitious projects. 

Thetan Arena, one of the beneficiaries of the program, reminded of the opportunity. BNB Chain, or Binance Smart Chain, offers access to one of the most active ecosystems, with the potential for curation and access to Binance marketplace, as well as trading pairs on Binance’s experimental listing program. 

BNB Chain, however, focuses on education and the logistics of building a new Web3 product. The time for large-scale financing is gone, and now projects are hoping to build their way into greatness by offering a more completed product and ecosystem. 

BNB Chain already hosts several utilities builders for Web3, focusing on security and personal identity ownership.

BNB Chain is one of the markers of development, as it brings together a full ecosystem of DeFi as well as gaming and NFT. Recently, Nansen, the blockchain and Web3 statistics project, started displaying information on the performance of Binance Chain-based NFT.

BNB Chain Remains Top Decentralized Ecosystem 

BNB Chain is also the biggest ecosystem behind Ethereum, due to the relatively early arrival of Binance’s projects. Binance arrived around a year after Ethereum and built its own robust ecosystem of tokens and a high-profile launchpad.

BNB Chain is the platform behind Mobox, one of the most successful NFT games. Mobox NFT farmer is still the game with the biggest value locked based on the model of NFT staking and passive income. NFT Farmer locks in more than $23M in value, with 6.43K players per day.

BNB Chain’s ecosystem is powered by Binance Coin (BNB), trading at $237.99. The other asset, used to acquire NFT with a more intuitive price, is BUSD, a stablecoin tied to the value of the US dollar. Binance’s NFT market is fully transparent and requires KYC screening, avoiding the risk of rogue collections and anonymous owners.

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