February 2024 Searches fo Web3: Searches Return to Bitcoin, but Growth May Be Around the Corner

Web3 is slightly trending in February 2024, on the back of a wider return of crypto trading.
  • The BTC and SOL rally increased interest in trading, with a small rise in Web3 searches.
  • NFT are becoming more niche, with automated trading, or used as in-game incentives.
  • Solana remains one of the top trading networks for Web3 features.

Searches for Web3 are yet to hit a trending pace in 2024. The Web3 space is thriving, but not yet back to its peak search interest from 2022. 

This year, the focus is back on general crypto trading. Searches are leading for Coinbase and Bitcoin, signaling a new round of expansion for buyers and wallet owners. If history is a lesson, this interest in coins can spill over again into games, tokens, NFT and other investment types. 

Is Web3 Making a Comeback?

Web3 remains the raw, all-encompassing term for related products, ranging from wallets, games, fintech and trading to any remaining NFT trades. Web3 searches are at a permanently higher baseline, and search interest is inching up since the start of 2024. 

The outlier in searches is Solana, which is going through a revival in search interest. The chief reason behind Solana’s rise is the market price of SOL, which rallied above $110. The expansion will boost the SOL ecosystem, in addition to the BTC rally of close to $50,000. 

NFT Expansion Remains Niche

NFT remain a rapidly evolving market, which relies on niche strategies, sniping and automated trading. 

NFT have taken a two-way path. Either they are given away freely, or are in the hands of short-term traders. There is no mass hype for NFT, or high-profile collections that command extremely high prices. Yet trading opportunities still exist with the help of automation, signals and sniping tools.

At the same time, games like Sunflower Land use NFT within the game, as an incentive to keep players engaged. 


Sunflower Land continues to release rare finds, weekly challenges and production quests to retain players.

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