Boss Fighters Secures Presence on Steam Gaming Storefront

Boss Fighters will reward players with items and resources spendable within the game, while the active season lasts.
  • Boss Fighters is in closed alpha, waiting list now open.
  • The game will mix gameplay through VR and PC, making players take the part of a game boss.
  • Players can retain their items between seasons if they mint them as NFT.

Boss Fighters is one of the newly trending P2E games, currently in alpha. Boss Fighters has a unique proposition of putting players against each other in a mixed environment of VR and PC versions. Players on VR take the role of a game boss, while PC players join the game as attacker warriors. 

The game is now present on Steam, gaining exposure among traditional products. When completed, Boss Fighters will be free-to-play and some of the items and prizes can be acquired by all regular players. However, NFT owners will have extra access to perks.

The game is available with restricted access on request, still working on a wider release. Steam visitors can now add it to their wishlist while waiting for the open release. 

What Makes Boss Fighters Stand Out

Boss Fighters is the product of Pixward games, featuring experienced game designers, animators and artists. 

The game has two chief points of view, from the side of the VR boss and from the equipped and skilled warriors attacking it. The VR boss has grabbing, smashing and special power attacks, which warriors try to block or escape, while dealing damage. 

Players will accrue rewards and assets, which they can revert back into the game economy. The main activity will be seasons-based, and all special items will reset to zero at the end of seasons. But if a player wants to retain the progress and some of the items, they can be minted as NFT.

On-chain assets include gear and cosmetic items, and in effect lock in the players’ XP and game progress. The NFT can also be traded in the game’s marketplace once it’s fully launched.

Boss Fighters will also have training mode to make players used to the boss movements. Additionally, the game will offer watch-to-earn in spectator mode. The goal is to stream the game on Twitch as much as possible, helping high-profile players. In spectator mode, players will also be able to add to the battle through commands, or just comment on the action.

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