Metawarz Shooter: NFT Grant Entry into 3D Shooter Game

Metawars Shooter is at the stage of active NFT promotion, with much building before a closed beta launch.
  • Metawarz Shooter prepares for its Rebel Punks mint and resales.
  • The game will launch an ambitious 3D world built with Unreal Engine 5.
  • The game will have a two-token model with LEGION and WARZ assets for governance and in-game earnings.

Metawarz Shooter is an early-stage game with the ambitious goal of creating a first-person shooter immersive experience. Game achievements are logged on the blockchain, with tokenized rewards. The game also relies on a valuable NFT collection to give access to the game.

Metawarz Shooter is still in its pre-launch stage, offering access to NFT drops and sales. 

The game is currently increasing the hype for the collection, and is one of the projects trying to appeal to crypto fans first. Metawarz is also relying on a series of collaborations, trying to spread the news of the mint.

The game will be built on Unreal Engine 5, promising a complex, immersive world. After the tokenomics is fully deployed, players will be able to own in-game assets, trade them or stake them for passive income. The game itself will offer additional tokenized income, part of a dual-token economy.

The game will support the LEGION token with a supply of 10M, and WARZ token, with an initial supply of 100 billion. WARZ will not be produced but instead will be burned in the game, becoming more valuable with time. This will allow players to hold onto WARZ in expectation of higher earnings.

What are Rebel Punk NFT

The complex 3D playable avatars will be key for the future of the game. Holders will receive multiple in-game rewards throughout the game. The NFT will work as an earnings multiplier, in-game lottery rights and will bring additional mystery boxes and other items. 

Holders will also get additional private opportunities for new collection sales, other events, and will be the first to test Metawarz Shooter in its closed beta stage.

Metawarz Shooter will be a long-term project, and its initial stages in the coming months will circle around the NFT and physical merchandise. There is no hard and fast dateline for the game’s launch, though the project may be watched for free rewards, airdrops, or early token access. For now, the collection’s pricing is also to be determined, depending on NFT market conditions.

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