Castles NFT Game Brings Civilization Building to WAX Blockchain

Castles NFT aims to bring a gradual progress game with in-built scarcity to avoid a flood of assets.
  • Castles NFT is a game of civilization building with NFT merges and progress.
  • Rare crafting events allow Castles NFT not to over-produce assets.
  • Merge Farms to get to a Castle NFT and gain Royal Seals to recharge the land.

Castles NFT is another success story of a game starting with a simple building model with simulated farming. Castles NFT uses the WAX blockchain for its speed and low gees, but also for its potential to serve gamers first, without too much focus on trading. Still, Castles NFT allows for ownership and bonuses through tokenized assets. 

Currently, Castles NFT opens up a live competition for Twitch streaming, aiming for mainstream gamers and mass adoption. 

Castles NFT, however, requires a WAX identity and a wallet to start playing for free. Players must own some of the land types in order to get reimbursed for their time in the game.

Castles NFT offers varying rarity of land, starting with Farm, Ranch, Village, Town, City and Castle. The rarity of the NFT land will determine how many Msource (MS) tokens will be earned in each playing sessions. The earnings range from 10 MS per hour for a farm to 2,430 for a castle NFT.

To progress in the game, players can merge their farm, with a simple rule – three items of the low-tier NFT make one higher-tier NFT. The end game is to get to the Castle, which also earns one Royal Seal each day, another resource with in-game utility for crafting and other tasks. 

Castles NFT Brings Scarcity to Avoid Over-Production

Royal Seals also have a secondary market, which fluctuate between $3 and $4. MS returns are also relatively lower, so the Royal Seal may be the most important game asset, with a player-driven economy. 

Royal Seals can be bought new at $5 from the game store. Those are also needed to recharge the land, meaning a castle will produce seven Royal Seals per week and need one for recharging. 

Castles NFT also aims for scarcity, with exclusive crafting events. Players can create Barons, which can then mint and sell new land. But keeping Barons also requires charging, asking for one Royal Seal per week. Players can progress by building up to multiple Castles with Barons. As the game progresses, it gets harder to acquire Barons, avoiding the over-monopolizing of the metaverse.

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