Top Farming Games for December 2022: Which Web3 Farming is Most Sustainable

Farming games offer idle tools, tokenization and NFT ownership, allowing for wider adoption of Web3 projects.
  • Farming games may offer free-to-earn, but beware risky upfront investments.
  • Farmers World remains a top 3 game with nearly 70K players per day.
  • Sunflower Land prepares for launch of open beta on December 15.

Farming games, with simulated production and a token economy, keep getting attention in 2022 despite the bear market. Most projects keep building, and have found ways to balance their in-game economies to avoid depletion and token overproduction. 

Farming games run the gamut from pure fun to some that are crypto-heavy and require initial investments. Farming games can also be an example of successfully building a formula of Web3 ownership. 

Top Games in 2022

One of the most notable farming games in 2022 was Sunflower Land. The game evolved through a series of small updates, challenges and user-generated decorative items, clothing and skins. 

Sunflower Land also overcame bot invasions and relaunched in the summer of 2022. For just six months, the game is also ready to go to open beta and a full metaverse game, compatible with the previous version.

Sunflower Land is notable for building a strong internal market and retaining value, instead of crashing to nothing. This was achieved after onboarding the first 150K accounts.

Other games bet on a stronger metaverse side, as with My Meta Farm, Veggies Farm and Every Farm. Those games offer slower returns and a longer progress arc, but also loser risk and free-to-play mode. Farmers World is also among the most successful games of this type, which offers a free entry and tokenized earnings for all players.

Farmers World attracts 69.52K players per day and offers seamless blockchain integration with WAX. The game is often in the top 3 of all Web3 playable worlds, with a solid player base despite relatively low social media activity.

Risky Farming Games

Games like Farmer Crypto rose to prominence, but also deleted their online presence. Games of the type of Pizza Tower, Sheep Farm and Sheep Land carry additional risk, since they require an initial investment. 

Players buy NFT and hope to hit on a strategy that will put them at the top of the leaderboards. However, some players may not gain any rewards, and lose their initial sum.

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