Cat Fight to Bring New Survival and Battle Game

Cat Fight offers a mix of survival, quests and arena battles and may become a hot game in 2023.
  • Cat Fight is working on a high-grade game built with Unreal Engine 5.
  • The game will be play-and-earn, with no need to acquire NFT beforehand.
  • The project offers regular lucky draws and will hold airdrops once the game launches.

Cat Fight is a newly introduced game with creative NFT images, centering around survival on a hostile island. Players pick Cats and try to outwit other fighters. Cat Fight is built on Solana, but the in-game goal is to earn XP points plus the game’s native token. 

Cat Fight is currently at the early preview stage, but is worth watching for special events and giveaway. The game features resource-gathering, building and a form of arena battle.

Cat Fight is a high-grade game using Unreal Engine 5, and the option to acquire one of the 9,000 exclusive Cat NFT. However, the game will be free to play, as well as play-and-earn, offering CATFIGHT tokens to all players.

Players will have to gather natural resources, but also seek out the more valuable mystery boxes around the game map. The game also offers ownership of land plots to hold parts of the jungle islands. Cat Fight stands out for a richly animated 3D world, and a separate fast-paced arena battle.

Cat Fight Offers Earnings for All Players

The game’s economic model will include micro-fees, which will feed the prize pool. Players earn XP points and in-game tokens, with additional rewards for NFT owners who stake their items. Within the game, occasional lucky wins and airdrops of tokens and items also boost ownership.

Cat Fight also regularly offers prizes in SOL, possibly tapping the Solana community. The best approach to using those airdrops is to only visit official links. Avoid solicitations from Discord direct messages, and always use a new empty wallet to avoid draining smart contracts.

Cat Fight has built some of its main features for the demo about a year after the initial idea. The game does not require an initial investment, and may be worth watching for early opportunities and social media events with prizes.

CATF tokens will be key to acquiring additional in-game items. Players can equip their Cat avatars with additional clothing and weapons with personalized skins. CATF will also work to acquire digital land.

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