Ev.IO Keeps Top Web3 Spot on Solana, Opens Weekend Tournament

Ev.IO offers free access, but has higher earnings potential for NFT owners.
  • Ev.IO offers occasional tournaments with short-term prizes.
  • The game is currently offering higher value for NFT owners.
  • Exclusive skin whitelisting available now.

Ev.IO continues to defend its position among the most-searched Web3 games using the Solana ecosystem. Ev.IO had the advantage of a fully functional game, in addition to Web3 elements. Ev.IO is now gaining traction among gamers, while also trying to offer prizes. 


Ev.IO is now moving in with a short-term exclusive tournament, Dread Gauntlet, still open for entries. The tournament will coincide with the Lisbon Web3 conference, bringing together multiple games with NFT or other forms of ownership and earning. 


Despite using Solana, Ev.IO is also moving most of its transactions and NFT operations within the game, hence the relatively low on-chain registered user count. However, Ev.IO is also more high-profile in terms of searches and social media engagement compared to other projects on Solana. 

Ev.IO attracts users through a mix of a finished game and additional Web3 perks. Now, the game has opened a waiting list for an exclusive batch of skins. 


Ev.IO has already issued NFT for Genesis characters and a weapons badge. The game arrived early enough during the NFT boom, so the collection also saw highly active trading on Solana. 

How Ev.IO Implements Web3

Ev.IO is available for free, but NFT owners have distinct advantages. Most of the in-game earnings and skins are only accessible for NFT owners. However, skilled play and time investment are also needed. Even at the current activity level, the best players can recoup the value of their NFT. 

For others, investing in the game may be an uphill battle. NFT Heroes are on offer from 3 to around 25 SOL or more for rare items. Based on player accounts, most in-game NFT are used for lending to scholars.

The game is constantly rebalancing its approach, which has led to some player flux and changes to lobbies. Ev.IO offers survival mode, as well as lobbies with PvP matches, with varying results for players.

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