Chain of Alliance Prepares for Public Beta

Chain of Alliance (COA) prepares for closed beta this February 28.

Chain of Alliance set a date for the launch of its public beta test game season on the Chromia blockchain. Chain of Alliance is an up-and-coming RPG metaverse with battle features and NFT collections. The game will introduce its new version with smaller teams soon.

Chain of Alliance does not promise full play to earn functionalities, and in fact the current testing round will not carry over any achievements or earnings to the completed game. Players will be added by drawing lots and will test features with the potential for restarts and score resettlements.

Players in the limited beta will also receive a special NFT airdrop, a Badge of Alliance, expected in April. Beta participation requires a process of whitelisting and engaging with Chain of Alliance on social media, to win the chance for a spot. 

Chain of Alliance Still in Pre-Launch Stages

Chain of Alliance is also yet to introduce its COA token, which currently has no pricing data. The token has a smart contract listed on Etherscan, but apparently has not been minted. A token mint, sale and distribution are still in the future for the Chain of Alliance game. 

Chain of Alliance is also not present on OpenSea, and any items claiming to belong to the game may be faked. The game team also warns against Telegram groups and invitations, as they may be scam attempts. 

So far, the game is still in the pre-launch stages, and building its community through lotteries and giveaways. The game also shifted its model entirely and chose a three-person team instead of an RPG resembling a chess strategy.

The Chromia blockchain offers access to the CHR asset, a widely traded token. CHR has now fallen to $0.33 after peaking above $1.29 at the end of 2021. CHR is traded on the Binance exchange, and may bring significant liquidity to Chain of Alliance if used within the game’s ecosystem. 

Chromia is already fitted for play to earn games, and hosts a version of My Neighbor Alice, Mines of Dalarnia and Krystopia games.

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