Will MyNeighborAlice (ALICE) Bounce from Three-Month Lows

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) received predictions for token appreciation. Upcoming NFT land sales will go through Binance NFT platform.

MyNeighborAlice (ALICE) lines up among the most popular play to earn games, with a strong farming theme. The ALICE native reward token is widely traded and can change the game’s popularity if it breaks its three-month sliding streak. 

ALICE slid from above $28 to its current range at $8.92, while the game preserved its status as one of the most appealing farming P2E games. The presence of the ALICE token in a total of 73 market pairs grants a significant advantage. 

One of the encouraging signs for ALICE is the token’s trading volume has been rising in the past weeks, and is now halfway to its peak levels, at around $340M in 24 hours. This heightened activity may translate into a new price direction for ALICE. The token has the advantage of a listing on the Binance exchange and the potential for higher liquidity.

After weeks of stagnant prices and rising volumes, there are some expectations ALICE may break out soon to a higher price. ALICE also has a relatively low market cap compared to trading activity. 

Currently, ALICE price action is the sole tool for P2E within the game, at least in the pre-launch stage where land and NFTs are not yet ready.

ALICE can be used on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana, granting multi-platform access to the game. 

What Comes Next for ALICE

The farming game has prepared to issue 100,000 NFTs based on metaverse land plots. So far, land plots have only been awarded on a lottery principle, with no official sale announced. 

The game is also yet to build its NFT market and expand its item listings on OpenSea. However, the game is also open for pre-launch access in the alpha testing launch. Future NFT sales for the game will be done in partnership with Binance’s NFT platform, for land, mystery boxes or other token issues.

Among the partners of My Neighbor Alice is The Sandbox game, which already has shown the power of the metaverse land plot model.

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