Champions Arena Releases Test Version of Main Battle Mode

Gala Games keeps its upcoming games for a long time in building, but has delivered several completed headlines.
  • Champions Arena is a simulated battle tower defense with stunning animations and visuals.
  • The long-awaited launch by Gala Games is now mobile and PC-ready.
  • Champions Arena and GRIT run tests at the same time, expanding the Gala portfolio.

Champions Arena, a Web3 project by Gala Games, has released a preview of its main arena battle mechanic. Champions Arena is a turn-based RPG strategy, which will set teams on a grid where they attack and defend using Heroes with special powers.

Champions Arena stands out for its richly animated attacks and defenses – an improvement among multiple RPG and tower defenses with much simpler graphics. The game will use spells, summoning and other special powers to decide the outcome of the match.

Players are already showing previews of the available Champions to summon, with their abilities and stats. 

Champions Arena has continued building despite the bear market, riding on the solid performance of Gala Games.

Champions Arena is Mobile and PC Ready

The playtest will be possible for all interested players, though there will be some limitations compared to the complete game. The test will not record progress between the mobile and PC versions, for now. 

Players will be able to choose and customize their Champions, and have the first taste of the game’s strategy possibilities. The game is now part of the available Gala Games headlines, adding to one of the most influential portfolios of games. 

Champions Arena is a long-awaited addition to the mix, after the success of Town Star and Spider Tanks. Other long-awaited games in the works include Mirandus, Battlestar Galactica Eternity and other AAA-grade, large-scale projects.

The current open test coincides with another beta event for GRIT, a game in the style of the Wild West.

GRIT is another addition to the Wild West theme, after Gala Games released the Gunslingers NFT collection. Gala Games remains one of the most versatile projects, working on freemium games, P2E, as well as its own test blockchain. Town Crush is one of the games used to build Gala Chain. 

Additionally, Gala Games uses the GALA token for ownership in multiple node programs, including music nodes, content nodes and other types of shared network ownership.

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