Gala Games: Preparing for Gunslingers, June 9 Public NFT Sale

Grit will debut on Epic Games, gaining mainstream acceptance for another NFT game.
  • Grit and Forever Winter expand Gala Games list of new additions.
  • Public NFT sale to ask $1,500 for exclusive boxes.
  • GALA remains at $0.07, pressured by the bear market.

Gala Games completed the whitelisting process for its upcoming NFT sale for Gunslinger characters. The next step is the public sale on June 9, where the price of the NFT will be known. Before the public sale, the NFT items were sold to Founders Node holders and Galaverse attenders. The latest batch went to Gala Gold card holders. 

The public sale will begin at half the floor price of the exclusive NFT on the open market, or $1,500, whichever is higher. The Gunslingers are the typical 10K items collection, with unique features and perks. The NFT represents characters in the Grit game, a 3D brawler set in the Wild West. 

Grit to Debut on Epic Games

Grit is one of the games in the Gala portfolio which managed to negotiate acceptance into a mainstream gaming hub reaching millions of followers.

In the meantime, Gala Games has another Web3 game in the works, Forever Winter. This first-person shooter also had a flash sale for early access to NFT.

The game announcements arrived just as Gala Games organized a three-day virtual event meetup, the Galaverse Europe 2022. Gala Games is one of the biggest collections of new P2E offers, with a focus on Web3 approach. The organization offers a mix of exclusive NFT sales, passes, node licenses and various tiers of access. Gala Music is also a special section of nodes and NFT with a musical theme and the right to royalties for decentralized music distribution.

Gala Games Aims for Wider Web3 Adoption

Gala Games started off with P2E downloadable games like TownStar and Spider Tanks. But there is a longer list of store-hosted games, including a recently added version of Battlestar Galactica. Gala Games is also working on a native blockchain to replace the current tokens, by using Town Crush, an experimental test-net game.

GALA, the network’s native token, settled at around $0.07, pressured by the bear market. Because of its early arrival, the GALA token is listed on both Binance and Coinbase, potentially reaching a wide international audience. Gala Games, however, downplays some of its cryptocurrency involvement in a bid to bring mainstream gamers to Web3.

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