Champions Ascension Showcases New Features, Pre-Alpha Testing Open

Champions Arena will start out in 3V3 battle mode, later building digital land and a fantasy metaverse.
  • Champions Ascension offers arena battles in a series of pre-alpha events.
  • The game is free to start, and still not tokenized, except for NFT Champions.
  • Champions Ascension will evolve into a 3D lifelike metaverse game.

Champions Ascension is a battle-themed game, centered around the metaverse fantasy kingdom of Massina. The game is in its early stage, and will add features to build the world, while also offering exciting arena battles.

Champions Ascension is now offering a series of pre-alpha playable tests, gathering players to join 3V3 sessions. 

The game is turning its pre-alpha events into mini-tournaments, with shortlists to its US and European servers. The event will have a limited participation with a chance to grab an early spot.

The game is currently free for download and single-player testing. The game has already generated the Massina metaverse, and has minted NFT Champions and pets. More elements are coming in the next few months, including crafting, battle system, breeding mechanics and land trading. At this stage, Champions Ascension is showcasing its battle mode with new streamers. 

Champions Ascension is ready with 3D battles based on the skills and powers of the Champion. Each attack or power is accompanied by stunning animations and effects.

At this stage, Champions Ascension does not require a wallet or crypto purchase to enter the arena battle. Anyone can start with a free Champion, and join testing times where the game’s community will be available for PvP mode.

Champions Arena Building Toward Open Alpha

The next step for the game will be the open alpha, which is in active development and may arrive soon.

Champions Arena is the latest of games to trend among Web3 projects, and also offers a game-first approach. After the launch, the game will expand its metaverse, offer new content and a challenge to collect and deploy more Champions through NFT trading. Later, Champions Arena will also be tokenized and will offer staking as well. 

Champions Arena will be oriented toward players. In the future, the game will build a private blockchain, which will be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and offer to bridge to the Ethereum blockchain.

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