Coinracer Game Leads BSC Activity Hours Before Marketplace Launch

Coinracer (CRACER) gained social media attention after its marketplace launch. CRACER aims for prominent Binance Smart Chain game status.

Coinracer took the lead among Binance Smart Chain games, with peak social media volumes. One of the reasons is the recent launch of the game’s marketplace, about two weeks after the launch of PVP racing gameplay

Coinracer is live as alpha release, with recent updates for added functions and security.

Coinracer has a complete game economy, where NFT playable cars can enter PvE and PvP competitions. The game aims for a fairplay with no preset advantage, while using BSC to allow players to control their earnings.

How Active is Coinracer

Coinracer attracted attention with its upgrades, but DappRadar is yet to notice activity in the game. According to statistics, this play to earn environment is very early, and only has a turnover of around $1,500. 

Still, the game’s marketing suggests the potential for attracting players with a future beta release. Coinracer is also not present on OpenSea for NFT item sales. 

What is the Coinracer Native Token

Coinracer (CRACER) is a newly launched BSC token that has traded with spikes and sharp drops. CRACER only has decentralized pairings and is yet to be listed on a wider list of exchanges. So far, the asset mostly depends on PancakeSwap, with about $320K in daily volumes. 

CRACER is yet to gain more adoption, as its price is currently depressed. In a few months, the asset fell from a peak around $0.45 down to $0.05, following the path of many new play to earn startup tokens. 

With the launch of beta gaming and use within the game, CRACER may accrue use cases and value, especially if used to upgrade NFT playable items. CRACER is in more than 20,000 BSC addresses, adding potential game users and supporters. 

The token is also used to pay an upfront fee for every tournament, in the end making up the pooled prize for the game round. The game is also available for free to play competitive rounds for best speed.

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