Top 10 Play to Earn Racing Games for 2022

Racer games offer fantasy sports or immersive experience, with NFT item building and metaverse locations.

Racing games encompass realistic simulations, arcade-style racers or kart racing, with the potential for multiple gaming modes. Games may have a crossover with simulated sports. In the play to earn space, racing games are a category with great challenges, especially when competing with conventional racer games.

We picked a list of 10 well-developed or highly promising games in 2022, combining racing with some of the potential mechanisms to earn token-based info or trade in-game items.

REVV Racing

REVV Racing is an arcade-style play to earn racer game, built on Polygon Network. With an upcoming launch soon, REVV Racing is one of the significant headlines in the portfolio of Animoca Brands, the company behind The Sandbox and other blockchain and gaming projects.

REVV Racing is available at:

What Makes REVV Racing Stand Out

REVV Racing is backed by one of the largest and most influential organizations in play to earn space, Animoca Brands. REVV Racing aims for full graphics and an arcade simulated experience more complex than other games in this space.

What are the Pros of REVV Racing

The game already offers regular tournaments and races to win 70,000 REVV tokens, with regular weekly challenges coming. The game team is busy announcing its daily sprints with rewards, in addition to regular NFT car announcements. The REVV token is already launched and has started off with decentralized trading.

What are the Cons of REVV Racing

The native REVV token is rather illiquid. The game has already created more than 130,000 NFTs of cars, of which rare items are very few. The floor price for REVV Racing is now 0.02 ETH, signaling a very large supply of cars and possibly low resale value.

Black Eye Galaxy

Black Eye Galaxy is a metaverse game planning to introduce racing mechanics set in a space environment. This game makes a crossover to the metaverse category, with the potential for land NFT sales.

Black Eye Galaxy can be reached at:

What Makes Black Eye Galaxy Stand Out

This game combines racing gameplay with in-game NFTs of spaceships, as well as collectible cards. The team is active on social media to boost engagement. The game partners with NFTTrade to increase the presence and activity for rare items.

What are the Pros of Black Eye Galaxy

In early 2021, the game’s roadmap was to build a complete metaverse game, with different worlds on the map and resource mining mechanics. The game also built oracles to mark the mined assets and items, potentially tokenizing them as NFTs. In 2022, the game will add PvP mode and racing, in addition to improving world mining.

What are the Cons of Black Eye Galaxy

The BYG native token remains rather volatile, and moved between highs above $0.30 and lows around $0.03. Only 32% of all BYG would be distributed to players, with a more usual level of 40-45% for most play to earn games. The game also has several models and the racing part may lag behind the sandbox and metaverse experience.

MetaRace Fantasy Horses Racing

MetaRace alters the idea of a racer game and introduces fantasy horse racing. The game introduces a competitive element to the metaverse, with three game modes and three tools for play to earn results. The in-game racing horses are available as NFTs.

MetaRace is available at:

What Makes MetaRace Stand Out

MetaRace was still planning its genesis NFT auction, so in early 2022, it stood out as a game just setting out with a potentially valuable collection. The game also adopts successful models with breeding and collectible value, in addition to racing.

What are the Pros of MetaRace

The game offers three ways to earn – through collecting futuristic horse avatars, through racing and through bets on winning teams. The game will build a double-token model, allowing players to extract value from the game, but also to stake and lock in their tokens for future passive earnings.

What are the Cons of MetaRace

MetaRace has a limited marketplace and in early 2022 was yet to be added to OpenSea. The game may cause problems due to its potential to be used for betting. MetaRace is also distancing itself from the car racer model and resembles other types of competitive sports games.

Astro Hounds

Astro Hounds builds a dog racing metaverse experience on the Terra blockchain. The game is crossing over as a racing experience with fantasy sports elements. The game plans to offer top graphics and a full metaverse experience in addition to other types of gameplay and racing.

Astro Hounds is reachable at:

What Makes Astro Hounds Stand Out

Astro Hounds builds a multi-layered mechanic, of which racing is only one part. The game allows users to own the racing arena and gain passive income by renting out to other players. The arenas themselves are metaverse land NFTs, which can be sold for value.

What are the Pros of Astro Hounds

The game has a circular economy for its native HOUND token. Besides getting earned within the game, HOUND then can grant access to new NFT mints, metaverse events, and can be used to train hounds and enhance gameplay. The game uses the Terra blockchain, potentially making use of the significant value of the LUNA token. Terra also offers decentralized swaps and using the UST dollar-pegged coin to lock game earnings.

What are the Cons of Astro Hounds

The platform beta is expected in the first half of 2022, if there are no delays to the project’s roadmap. The game is not casual, and there are many roles to fulfill, with significant time investment. The simplest game playable is to bet on competitions and the hounds of other players, which may create problems inherent to blockchain gambling. The HOUND token may be counted as an asset linked to a gambling game and face problems in getting listed on exchanges.

RARI Racing

RARI Racing offers a fast-paced racing game with multiple Binance Smart Chain tools and BNB token rewards. RARI Racing is still in the pre-sale stage, with a complete audit of its smart contracts.

RARI Racing is available at:

What Makes RARI Racing Stand Out

RARI Racing is an audited game with an upcoming public beta download. The game has offered previews of an immersive 3D arcade racing, and will compete with its own set of upgrading rules to create valuable car NFTs.

What are the Pros of RARI Racing

RARI Racing uses the widely known Binance Smart Chain mechanism to boost its adoption. The game audit may prevent problems with the token and smart contracts. The game’s tokens will be locked for two months after the token sale to encourage long-term holding.

What are the Cons of RARI Racing

RARI Racing has aimed to raise between 100 and 500 BNB, but its IDO seems to have canceled the pool. The game may take more time to launch as its token sale stalls at only 100 BNB during unfavorable market conditions.

Bro Racing by Brokoli Network

BroRacing is the recently launched mini racing game by Brokoli Network, a blockchain with sustainable goals. Brokoli Network combines its NFT collections with tree-planting initiatives. The BroRacing game followed the completion of the BRKL token staking and is a late addition to the platform.

Bro Racing is available at:

What Makes Bro Racing Stand Out

Bro Racing will be a casual mini-game carrying all the major goals of Brokoli Network. The new project aims to bring sustainable NFT production and soon, metaverse experiences. The game environment will use the Brokoli Network trading and swap infrastructure and a working app to participate in the game economy with direct card purchases.

What are the Pros of Bro Racing

Bro Racing joins a sparsely populated part of the NFT space. It will also add value to Brokoli Network and expand its adoption. Bro Racing stands out with a unique art style based on the Brokoli Network NFT avatars.

What are the Cons of Bro Racing

The launch of Bro Racing may be slowed by a few months. In the meantime, Brokoli Network is mostly focused on collectibles and liquidity mining, giving Bro Racing an unknown play to earn potential.

Riot Racers

Riot Racers is a blockchain-based racing game, announcing its public beta in January 2022. The play to earn model mixes in-game rewards with a chance to own parts of the game itself – gas, repair shops, tracks and more.

Riot Racers is available at:

What Makes Riot Racers Stand Out

The game has multiple categories for NFT sales, all tied to the game’s racing narrative. The platform has built a marketplace for future sales, though only a few items have been listed. Riot Racers is one of the few games to have an open public beta in early 2022.

What are the Pros of Riot Racers

The game works for players interested in building a star driver and car team. Races depend on statistics and in the end distribute the pool for each competition. The game has many pros for those interested in NFT with unique features.

What are the Cons of Riot Racers

The game is heavily dependent on building up a large enough community to support the large NFT collection and trades between players. Competitions also may require significant upfront investment. The game has no free to play mode and calls for a MetaMask connection to use any of the playable elements.

Doge Dash

Doge Dash takes a lighter approach to the racer type game, with a casual twist and cute characters. The game has serious racing mechanics, but mixes it with the type of free to play dasher that also has low stakes in daily plays.

Doge Dash is accessible at:

What Makes Doge Dash Stand Out

Because of its availability as a free to play game, Doge Dash is more active in comparison to other more ambitious games. The casual nature of the play attracts more attention to the game.

What are the Pros of Doge Dash

Doge Dash is built on Binance Smart Chain and will grant access to one of the most active hubs in crypto space. Doge Dash offers easy token swaps for Doge Dash tokens, while also supporting a downloadable mobile version for free to play. The game team is dedicated to boosting social media presence with memes and game streaming.

What are the Cons of Doge Dash

The game’s free to play popularity may get ahead of the play to earn element. While the game is widely played, NFT owners are only 1,600 and there is no guarantee there will be demand for the rare and expensive Doge Dash playable avatars.

Racing Time

Racing Time is an eye-catching game with car and character designs as well as immersive racing. This play to earn metaverse uses Flow Blockchain, a rare choice among gaming projects. Flow tries to position itself as the blockchain for open worlds, with enough capacity to carry active transactions based on game activity as needed.

Racing Time is available at:

What Makes Racing Time Stand Out

Racing Time is one of the projects that chose Flow for the ease of building open worlds. The game adds metaverse plots in the form of garages. Then, there are the racing girls – customizable avatars that add to the racing experience.

What are the Pros of Racing Time

Racing Time is an immersive driving and racing game with several modes, including PvP competitions. The game has completed some of the mechanics, as well as one racing track with more to come for a complete metaverse.

What are the Cons of Racing Time

Racing Time is still only in preview mode. Most of the play to earn mechanics and rewards are yet to be deployed. Racing Time (not to be confused with a similarly sounding game, Race Time) is not available on OpenSea and most of its items and building are still in preview mode.

F1 Delta Car

F1 Delta Car is also part of the portfolio of Animoca Brands, the builder of The Sandbox and REVV Racing. The game has been around since 2019 and already offers high-earning races and varied tracks. The game also uses REVV tokens as a reward.

F1 Delta Car is available at:

What Makes F1 Delta Car Stand Out

This high-profile game has a long success history and is one of the completed proposals with ongoing community growth. The game also offers weather mechanics, making its regular tournaments more challenging.

What are the Pros of F1 Delta Car

F1 Delta Time has a broad presence on OpenSea, with 1,700 owners and more than 36,000 varied items. Some of the items have a low floor price, making equipment relatively accessible. The game has sold NFTs for nearly $350,000 in ETH and is one of the more established racers in play to earn space.

What are the Cons of F1 Delta Car

F1 Delta Car has some barriers to entry due to the high price of cars and some of the game keys on OpenSea. On DappRadar, some days show zero activity on the game’s smart contract, and it is difficult to gauge real interest in the NFT items. Still, the game sends out significant tournament rewards, possibly performing its reward transactions off-chain for speed and lower expenses.


Q: Are racer games rare in play to earn?

A: New play to earn games are being created all the time. Like with all games in the space, there are the rare AAA-tier games by big studios. The racing category varies between immersive experience and statistics-based passive competitions.

Q: Are NFT necessary to play racer games?

A: Some racer games are available as free to play versions. Not all markets for NFT items are equally developed. A player must decide if the speculative nature of NFT collections or metaverse land plots is sufficiently attractive, as sometimes the game itself is not ready to use the actual items.

Q: Are racer games offering other types of gameplay?

A: Some racer games cross over to metaverse experiences, and hold some resemblance to fantasy sports. Others copy the model of Axie Infinity for a car or race horse version of breeding mechanics and upgrades.

Game reviews are not investment advice, as most NFT or reward tokens can be highly volatile.

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