Crabada: Will This Game Compete with Axie Infinity (AXS)

Crabada (CRA) is an up and coming casual game with a complete tokenomics play to earn model, taking a trajectory similar to Axie Infinity.

Crabada, a casual game with competitive elements, is showing potential to become one of the go-to games in play to earn space. The Crabada ecosystem is also showing signs of being capable of supporting its token levels based on community effort.

Games have the potential to organize their own liquidity pools, and possibly avoid some of the effects of a sliding cryptocurrency market. 

The latest market slide threatened to bring down a much larger ecosystem of tokens, and the challenge is to have appealing games boost their value as a closed community.

What Makes Crabada Successful

Crabada is one of the games using Avalanche, possibly the fastest blockchain for real-time processing and low fees. Crabada has adopted the casual play model which worked to bring players on board with Axie Infinity

Crabada has also tailored its lending program, similar to Axie scholarships. With progressing game incentives, Crabada has a full play to earn model with long-term sustainability. 

Crabada Grew User Base in 2022

The Crabada user base grew rapidly after the initial launch, from under 100 players to above 2,500 regular players. This is still far from the numbers for Axie Infinity. However, the game is just starting out and new characters and volumes are still in the rapid growth stage. 

The CRA token has released about 7% of its total supply of 1B, with the potential to grow adoption with the long-term reward schedule. There are more than 13,000 token holders of CRA on Avalanche. 

For now, OpenSea only hosts four genuine Crabada game items, with regular game characters yet to be listed and traded.

How the CRA Token is Doing

The CRA token has a different price discovery mechanism. More than 71% of all activity is on the Trader Joe exchange. CRA relies on Pangolin as well, tapping various assets in decentralized liquidity pairs. 

CRA traded around $0.85, after a fast recovery from a dip to $0.67. The in-game asset has relatively low trading volumes of around $3M, though still higher than other decentralized trades.

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