Crabada Brings New Version of Battle Game, Gain Rare Pearls for Spare Crab NFT

Crabada focuses on rare items and bulk GUS rewards rather than idle gameplay.
  • Crabada is shifting its game balance, adding Inheritance Pearls acquired for releasing Crabs.
  • Players can also buy Awakening and Transcendence Pearls for Arena Medals.
  • Crabada aims to become more engaging by adding more level-up opportunities.

Crabada keeps adding features to make its game more engaging, while also building up a new economic balance based on resources and time spent in missions. The 2.01 version lands this Wednesday with new features that will also limit the number of Crabs NFT.

The chief features appearing in the new version will tap the value of NFT. In the past months, breeding continued, creating multiple pure or mixed experimental Crabs. Now, those Crabs can be used to bring back value in the game. 

Crabada allows crabs to go “to the Moon”, or leave the game’s metaverse, an effect similar to releasing Axies in the Axie Infinity Lunacia metaverse. Crabs that are sent to the Moon will release Inheritance Pearls, an asset that can boost the stats of other crabs. 

Pearls will become a resource with multiple applications – they will be part of the recipe for Battle Potions, which boost a Crab for 24 hours. 

Awakening and Transcendence Require Arena Victories

Two more Crab activities were added – Awakening and Transcendence. Awakening boosts Crab stats by 15%, unlocking hidden powers. Transcendence allows for five tiers of leveling up, producing even more powerful Crabs. However, the stats are tied to the user account and are not reflected in the NFT. If sold, the Crab would hold value only according to its inherent qualities. 

There will also be special Pearls of Awakening and Pearls of Transcendence, which are purchased in Arena mode using Arena Medals. All the features lead to the demand for significant game engagement to be able to level up and remain competitive. Arena Medals are only won by winning Arena Battles, hence the scarcity of the special Pearls. 

The latest updates grant more advantages to early owners or those that hold multiple Crabs. They can produce eight types of Pearls with different features, corresponding to the eight classes of Crabs. All Pearls are also available on the marketplace, adding another layer of potential earnings and transforming idle NFT Crabs into game advantage.

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