CryptoFights Offers Skill-Based Earnings with Fantasy RPG

CryptoFights uses FYX Gaming, a proprietary network with faster transactions.
  • CryptoFights offers quests to acquire in-game items, CFS and BSV tokens.
  • The game is a diverse fantasy RPG with PvE and PvP mode.
  • CryptoFights offers regular events and three-day challenges.

CryptoFights is an up-and-coming medieval fantasy RPG with earnings potential. The game is currently reaching out to its community with more marketing attempts. Rewards are available for engagement and content production on Discord.

The game is already completed and offers a stunning medieval fantasy style. However, the team is also busy creating new animations and features. CryptoFights is fully live, offering a mix of exploration, battle and crafting to earn.

CryptoFights centers around Pve and PvP battles. Players select and equip their Warriors and send them out to meet monsters, or in matches against other players. 

The game is tokenized and players can choose to pay for advancements and equipment. However, the element of luck and skill means even with additional payments, CryptoFights puts most players at a similar advantage.

Players choose quests in varied biomes or buildings, with the potential to earn mystery chests or other items. The quest often includes an element of luck in the roll of dice, which goes toward determining the success or failure of the mission.

CryptoFights starts with selecting a character with the right stats, and completing the training rounds. Skills are unlocked as the character levels up, and they can finally join PvP mode. 

The game will display an account value both in CFS tokens and in additional Bitcoin SV (BSV) earnings. This is an unusual approach for P2E games. CryptoFights will use FYX Gaming, a new type of graph-based network that is faster compared to the regular blockchains used in games. The goal is to make CryptoFights scalable and with extremely cheap transactions where needed. 

Watch Out for Special Events

CryptoFights is also organizing special events with prizes, available every few days. Players can earn CFS tokens or special items.

Winning the special challenges will also offer players higher status in the game’s community and a Discord title. Players need to collect Crystal Fragments, known also as Portal Fragments, while exploring the game’s fantasy metaverse.

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