Mirandus by Gala Games Marks Successful Tavern Game Test

Mirandus is a medieval-themed metaverse game, with additional mini-games.
  • Mirandus may be one of the games to launch in 2023, expanding the Gala portfolio.
  • Tavern games got tested in Mirandus, while metaverse building continues.
  • Spider Tanks offers rewards for users of the Coinbase Wallet.

Mirandus, one of the newly active headlines by Gala Games, has been open for testing for its mini-games. Mirandus drew in attention after the launch of Spider Tanks at the end of October, with other high-profile Gala projects in the pipeline. 

Mirandus called to the community and showcased its selection of mini-games, also known as tavern games in the game, to add to the wider metaverse and RPG adventure. 


In its wider concept, Mirandus wants to offer a medieval fantasy world with full play-to-own. Even before the game launch, Mirandus has gained a following and some interaction with its smart contracts, for a few thousand users each week. The test ran on December 21 and the goal was to check if the game broke with a high user load. 


Players tested table games of strategy and luck, in exchange for copper coins, which may be part of the game’s play-to-own feature. 

The Mirandus team is currently working on the metaverse, while organizing smaller events. Recently, the game sold a collection of Firebrand Steeds, in-game horses which may grant additional privileges and advantages in the game.

Gala Games Retains Node Programs

Gala Games is tying more node programs to newly released games. Game nodes secure the NFT and transactions, but require significant upfront investments. Gala Games also has special music nodes and other early-access schemes to buy tokens and receive a passive income. 


The Gala Ecosystem is also compatible with the Coinbase wallet, used to hold tokens or NFT. Gala Games is also balancing its token ecosystem with a fun-first approach, producing engaging games with quality graphics and avoiding grinding mechanics. Games like Grid and Legends Reborn are getting live previews of progress even before launch. 

The Coinbase wallet will also grant additional Web3 perks to Gala Games users. Spider Tanks has a special giveaway for in-game participation via Coinbase Wallet. 


Spider Tanks also offers new additions and perks, with another offer coming on Friday.

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