E4C: Final Salvation Now Joins Steam Wishlist

E4C: Final Salvation is an upcoming game with an ambitious goal for a rich metaverse-style quest game.
  • Ambrus Studio offers two ambitious games, with Fallen Arena already close to launch with a Steam listing.
  • The game will be in alpha testing until mid-2023.
  • The project will offer direct entry with cash payments to onboard Web2 players.

E4C: Final Salvation is one of the games aiming to launch on Steam, after adding one of its mini-features to Steam. Fallen Arena is special content for the community, to be added to a wishlist. 


Final Salvation also turned into one of the most visited games in the past 24 hours, despite still being in development. While the current year favors completed Web3 projects, Final Salvation may be one of the upcoming games to watch for its rich 3D content. 

What Makes E4C: Final Salvation Stand Out

The game is highly ambitious in building 3D metaverse-like content. But with this big goal still ahead in the future, the Fallen Arena mini-game may be the main driver of adoption. 

Fallen Arena is a slasher quest game, where a Hero with special powers moves through the terrain and battles enemies. Fallen Arena by Ambrus Studio has already offered the game for early access, coming soon to a mainstream audience. 

The Final Salvation game is for now at the stage of a complex NFT collection, featuring all the human-like animals, also known as the Rangers. The Rangers are survivors of Earth-wide cataclisms, which try to find unpolluted land and rebuild their life.

The current goal of NFT owners is to offer early access to those that do not resell. Additionally, early Rangers buyers will get exclusive game airdrops for the game’s lifetime. In early 2023, the first new airdrops are expected, as well as additional NFT utility to be announced. 

Final Salvation is expected to launch before the end of Q1, 2023, though for the first half of the year, most activity will be alpha testing. The game for now remains play-to-own, with NFT utility. The in-game economy will run through E4C and DGC tokens, with most value retained into the game. 

The game will accept fiat payments, to onboard players that are used to the typical paid Web2 process. For other players, they may need additional wallets for the full Web3 experience. The game is yet to pick its preferred blockchain.

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