Gameta Offers New NFT Mint to Onboard Web2 Players into Web3

Gameta offers basic Web3 credentials with no requirement to buy tokens.
  • Gameta will remain a hub for mini-games, while Gameta Hippos centers around NFT.
  • Web2 players can also rent Hippos for free and test the games that require NFT.
  • Gameta remains one of the top multi-chain games, with a goal of Web3 mass adoption.

Gameta, the hub for mini-games, is now offering a new tool to join the Web3 space. Gameta is promoting a new mint on the Gameta Hippo club, where players can hold NFT for extra perks and access.

The new mint will have an element of luck, potentially rewarding players that already hold rare Hippos in their wallet. The tool to onboard traditional gamers will be a free NFT rental, where owners can loan their Hippos for learn-to-earn or other Gameta games.

The NFT items will become part of Gameta’s Hippo Club, an organization which centers on the value of NFT, ownership, renting, staking and other potential tasks.

Gameta Hippos are mostly held by the community, and have limited listings on the OpenSea market. The Hippos have traded more than 2006 SOL in value after their mint.

Gameta will remain the main hub for hyper-casual gaming, offering small earnings and DeFi opportunities to Web2 players, as well as initial and simple Web3 credentials. Gameta offers a total of 30 mini-games, available as live apps, and only some of the games offer P2E options.

How Gameta Uses Web3

Gameta itself reports it has reached more than 4.2M users, in its goal to bring wide adoption for Web3. 

Gameta manages to draw in more than 200K users on some of its stronger days, based on smart contract reporting on DappRadar. The game hub uses the Solana network and is offering fast and free transfers, hence the high reported volume. 

Not all Gameta players own NFT, and there is a drive to ownership that makes players eligible for additional perks. Gameta is also present on BNB Chain, to tap more interest from P2E players. 

It was precisely the BNB Chain presence that also put Gameta among top projects for October.

Gameta’s model includes one-minute short games, which also give the opportunity to earn tokens and cash out.

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