Eldarune Game Prepares for Minting Event at the End of April

Eldarune is opening the spots for a zero-cost mint for utility items.
  • Eldarune is a fully live game working as a Web2 project with in-game assets.
  • Earnings are optional in campaign mode with NFT ownership.
  • New free mint of utility items coming, allow list now open.

Eldarune, a high-grade fantasy game, is now offering the chance for a free mint. The allow list opportunity is now open, while the actual event is expected on April 20. 


The Eldarune game is a relatively late arrival on the Avalanche list of games. Back in February, Eldarune took a step closer to tokenization, issuing its ELDA asset. Now, Eldarune is prepared to launch more NFT and boost ownership and user engagement.

The NFT will have a zero-cost mint, but will be limited to 5,000 NFT, with a lucky draw registration still open. Elda Runes, as the NFT will be known, will have in-game utility and will be upgradable to increase in value as the player progresses. While basic Elda Runes will be free to mint, there will be a short time window to pay an additional Upgrade Fee and have a higher-tier NFT. Additionally, Eldarune will add new utilities for each item, every day until the mint date.

Beyond the NFT, Eldarune will offer a medieval-style RPG fantasy, with a clan system and playable seasons, all wrapped around a complex storyline. The game map will have 21 islands with varied quests, dungeons and monsters and mini-bosses.

Eldarune Offers Web2 Engagemen, Multi-Chain Web3 Options

Eldarune will also be a multi-chain game, using Avalanche, Solana, and more recently proposing an additional launch on Arbitrum blockchain. 


The Eldarune World of Elymnas is already open and ready to play, bringing its mix of exploration and PvE. The game will also offer PvP battles, where players can select items, weapons and use their Dragons to defeat the opponent. The game will be fully live and free to play, with the exception of Campaign Mode, where players must own the Alec character NFT.

Eldarune will also work as a Web2 game, with some of the assets and items fully operable within the game. The blockchain addition will be optional, and Eldarune will be game-first and engagement-first. Players can also improve by winning campaigns and battles, or grinding for resources.

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