Eldarune Game on Avalanche Prepares for $ELDA Token Presale

Eldarune is a complex medieval fantasy battle and campaign game, with a map of 21 Islands with dungeons, enemies and challenges.
  • Eldarune is a game using the speedy Avalanche network, preparing for its IDO sale by the end of Q1.
  • The game offers an immersive 3D metaverse with high-grade graphics.
  • Eldarune is a medieval fantasy with complex graphics and skill-based battles.

Eldarune is a newly introduced medieval action game, which uses Avalanche, one of the fastest blockchains. Eldarune is still in the alpha stage, and is now preparing for the early-bird presale for its native token, ELDA. 

Eldarune is offering a product while also focusing on having a token out relatively early. 


The game whitelisting is also tied to leveling up in the game, to at least level 10. The game is already offering quests with enemies and mini-bosses. Eldarune stands out for its high-grade graphics and 3D battles with a third-person view. The game is skill-based, allowing players to duel with enemies and explore the urban world and environments. 

Eldarune has a map of 21 islands, each holding special quests with dungeons, monsters and surprise attacks. Moving in the world is also possible by riding a Dragon, or building a Battleship. 

Players will first master the game in Campaign Mode, using a modified Alec NFT character and a band of warriors to explore the map and finish quests. PvP mode will also offer opportunities to test players’ skills, and eventually become the basic mode for tournaments.

Eldarune Builds from Web2 to Web3

Eldarune is a Web2 to Web3 game, carrying traditional features such as a fully playable environment, engagement and retention, and a user identity. The Web3 part includes NFT mints, playable NFT heroes, as well as play-to-earn opportunities that are meant to be sustainable and allow players to make net gains. Players can also work toward leveling up their Champions and upgrading the NFT items.

Some of the Eldarune tokens may also be reusable between games and in additionally affiliated ecosystems. The tokens will have utility for arena ticket fees, leveling up, gaming boosts, skills and items upgrades, as well as for additional NFT purchases on the marketplace.

The game team has a busy roadmap for the first quarter, expecting to complete its IDO token sale, while also testing the Guild system. At the initial stage in early 2023, the game centered around its NFT and token sales, carrying only its basic version. In Q2, the first playable seasons may arrive, as well as new content and characters.

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