Elemental Raiders Unlocks Another Giveaway Event

Elemental Raiders aims to build an immersive AAA-grade game, as well as a new blockchain ecosystem.
  • Elemental Raiders offers access to Founders Chests with special status, rare items.
  • AAA-grade game now in beta downloadable mode.
  • Tokens and NFT can be bought for fiat, new blockchain to be launched for this game’s assets.

Elemental Raiders is a beta-stage P2E game that has now opened a new opportunity to receive in-game utility NFT. The event, reachable through Gleam, offers 240 mystery chest NFT for the earliest players. 

The game must be played in play-and-earn mode until September 8 to be eligible.


The game is still recruiting its early players, and has the Founders Chest NFT mint still open. Owning one of the limited edition chests will grant a special status and in-game advantages.


Chests start at $100 and ask $2,000 for the highest tier, containing skins, skill items and currencies to boost the player for significant in-game advantage. At this price range, Elemental Raiders may be one of the more expensive P2E games to start. 

Players can also choose to buy skins separately, as well as the Game Gold Token (GGT), Runestones, Elemental Crystals or a Golden Ticket NFT to participate in arena battles. Some of the Skills can also be purchased, making Elemental Raiders partially a pay-to-win game.

All the NFT in the game are currently open for purchase with debit card, and the in-game assets are not yet represented on crypto exchanges.

Currently, Elemental Raiders is also promoting the game through an ambassador program, with spots available for fulfilling community tasks. 


Elemental Raiders is now available with a downloadable Beta version. The game offers a turns-based battle game with PvP mode. The game also introduced mini-bosses for extra credit.

Elemental Raiders Expects New Blockchain

Based on the game’s roadmap, Elemental Raiders expects to launch mobile versions in Q4 2022, with the ambitious goal of running its first season by the end of the year. In the coming months, Elemental Raiders aims to leverage its AAA status and release console versions.

Elemental Raiders will not run on any of the available public blockchains. Instead, all NFT and the GGT token will be part of the G4AL platform, build by the G4AL game studio. The platform will provide enough opportunities for swaps, making the game a P2E hub without links to the wider crypto environment.

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