Phantom Galaxies, AAA-Grade Game, Launches ASTRAFER Token Trading

Phantom Galaxies is available in alpha release for download, with newly added token.
  • ASTRAFER token started trading on small-scale liquidity on the QuickSwap DEX.
  • Astrafite Rush tournament may arrive in July.
  • Animoca Brands and Blowfish Studios aim to build AAA-grade game.

Phantom Galaxies, an AAA-grade game with support by Animoca Brands, is now aiming to boost the liquidity of its native token. ASTRAFER was recently added to QuickSwap, one of the go-to decentralized exchanges to introduce new assets.

The Astrafer price discovery starts with four trading pairs, with the potential to draw in liquidity from providers of USDC and WETH, as well as REVV and GMEE. For now, the pairs are relatively small and will depend on the readiness of depositors to support ASTRAFER.

The token broke out its first trades on July 15, moving to about $2.80 in the first hours of activity. Initially, the first utility of ASTRAFER will be to buy upcoming NFT collections in the game.

ASTRAFER can be exchanged through the existing decentralized pairs or earned in the game, with more future utility. The game is live with a downloadable version and DappRadar already registers initial activity on the game’s smart contracts. 

Tournament Coming for Additional ASTRAFER Prize Pool

The current game with three chapters is considered an alpha launch. Another game chapter is expected to drop by the end of July. Phantom Galaxies is just one title in the portfolio of Animoca Brands, and has the scope and quality of an AAA-grade game. Blowfish Studios builds a total of six games as a subsidiary to Animoca Brands.

After the arrival of the last chapter, Phantom Galaxies will organize the Astrafite Rush event. The tournament will hold between 2.6M and 4.4M ASTRAFER tokens, depending on user activity.

ASTRAFER is based on Polygon network and accessible for small MATIC fees. To trade the token, users may need some WETH, or Ethereum wrapped to be compatible with Polygon. The game’s assets reach more than 500K addresses based on Polygon scan. 

The Phantom Galaxies Origin collection contains 3,951 items with prices as high as 3 ETH, though only 39 are listed on OpenSea. More mints may be coming after ASTRAFER tokens are more widely distributed, to be used in the creation of in-game NFT.

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