Era7: Age of Truth Opens with Global Tournament

Era7: Game of Truth entered the top 10 of games just weeks ago, now attracts attention with a worldwide tournament.
  • Era7: Game of Truth offers a completed game and relatively liquid token rewards and NFT skins.
  • Game is third busiest app on Binance Smart Chain.
  • World Cup Tournament brings in 27.8K players per day.

Era7: Age of Truth is a new blockchain game that rose in popularity in the past month. Based on DappRadar data, in the past month the game lined up among top 10 most visited apps. 

Now Era7: Age of Truth is trending again as it kicks off its global tournament. As of August 5, the tournament is in the group stage, starting from a big pool to bring out the winners.

Era7 combines a playable card game with a metaverse and clan-based lore. Players can choose from seven races, and compete during the recent tournament by being distributed in four clans. Players must select their strategy by picking cards, then engage in PvE or PvP battles.

The World Cup tournament started with a preliminary stage, selecting top-ranked players. The players were once again assigned to one of four random Clans, and the goal was to whittle down to the top players in each group. The highest score will continue to the next round. 

The World Cup Tournament will feature additional rewards besides the weekly leaderboards. Moving to the next stage of the WCT will grant more ERA token rewards, in addition to exclusive skins. 

Era7 Ranks Among Top Games

Era7: Game of Truth is ranked seventh among top games on all blockchains. Currently, the game is also the third busiest on Binance Smart Chain. The reason for that is the fact that Era7 launched with completed gameplay and readiness to organize mass tournaments. 

The ERA native token is also in relatively good shape compared to other P2E assets. Currently, ERA trades at $0.17, but down from a peak at $0.59 in May. ERA will be the main tool to reward tournament winners, solving the problem of oversupply by not assigning tokens for idle play.

Era7 also has 27.8K players in 24 hours, a feat compared to older P2E games that have lost some of their appeal. The ERA token is held by 17,784 users, as the game was promoted by Binance’s Web3 and NFT branch. ERA tokens still only trade in PancakeSwap trading pairs.

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