Era7: Game of Truth Holds Eliminations Tournament, Special Charity Event

Era7: Game of Truth is one of the busiest NFT collections, with new mints and burns for the purposes of the game.
  • Era 7: Game of Truth is among top BNB Chain games.
  • The grid defense model with short matches makes the game popular.
  • New Set-II Box signup event open for additional NFT.

Era7: Game of Truth is one of the Web3 games reaching the higher ranks of blockchain games. The project draws in special interest with an ongoing elimination tournament. This November 25, the game will open a limited charity tournament with the support of Binance exchange.

Even without that special event, Era7 is one of the top P2E and Web3 games, with more than 26K players. The game is now in the 16th finals of the elimination stage for another fast-paced tournament.

Era7 offers a simple but appealing model with a nine-square grid, where two teams of playable NFT duel each other. Players are required to pick the strategy and rely on idle play to complete the match, while also achieving small-scale earnings. 

Era7 Popularity Hinges on Mobile Apps

Era7 relies on its mobile app for its popularity, with more than 100K downloads on Google Play, but the game’s earnings design is also causing a peak level of transactions on BNB Chain, compared to other P2E games. The chief reason for the on-chain usage is the active swapping of playable cards. GOT, the game’s native token, is relatively inactive, especially after its price slid to $0.005. 

Card statistics for the game show a robust number of daily users, making Era 7 one of the top games with constant NFT interaction on-chain.

The usage of cards has logged more than 6.3M transactions over the lifetime of the game. More than 11K players are also NFT holders, and currently, more new cards are minted than getting burned each day.

Era7 is also a showcase for NFT with real utility, which have not stalled their activity as with other P2E games. In addition to existing NFT, Era7 has opened a new subscription period for a mystery box. Two more days are left in the signup period for the Set II Box. 2,565 tickets have been submitted by players to be included in the sell list for a total of 1,200 Set II Boxes.

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