Eternal Brawl: Web3 Game with Evolving Content

Eternal Brawl is a simulated battle game with multiple modes and ongoing ranking competitions.

Eternal Brawl is one of the successful game models, mixing a Web2 experience with sustainable earnings. Eternal Brawl is now trending during its latest special event, while also adding new content to its playable cards.

Eternal Brawl shares the success of Gods Unchained and other card-based simulated battle games. Each card in the game is based on a historical person or legendary figures like Merlin, and will have strengths and weaknesses against other players.

This feature is game-first and mostly targets players through regular events. Eternal Brawl is a Web3 game, but does not focus too much on GameFi, instead offering ownership and control over its unique content. 

Eternal Brawl is part of the Space Guild ecosystem and is added to Viking Shield Trust. The game was added to the Viking Shield portfolio along with the flagman game, WarSindia. 

Eternal Brawl offers several game modes – brawl, ranking, happy mode, and classical mode, each with their own collection of cards and visuals. Eternal Brawl art spans anything from mythical heroes to contemporary figures and memes. 

Eternal Brawl Available with Space Pass

To join Eternal Brawl, players must create an account and use their Space Pass. For WarSindia players and NFT owners, the Space Pass is included.

The Space Pass makes the game part of the Space Guild economy, which aims to redistribute profit among the gaming community. Space Guild aims to become a platform metaverse, not only in a single game, but in Web3 as a whole. Space Guild will also help games with community promotion, to increase the profile of included communities and gaming products. 

Space Guild is also running its own series of events, inviting players to pick other events and competitions. The Sindia Chronicles game is also seeking early player testers.

The game hub also includes Space Guild the game, as well as Bomb Park, a cartoonish bomber-style game. The games are worth tracking for regular special creatures, events, or cards with monthly updates.

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