Eternal Brawl Prepares for Summoning Stones Event

Eternal Brawl brings high-grade Heroes and 12 Zodiac Pets for a battle of strategies and superpowers.
  • Eternal Brawl is coming in February, with Summoning Stones arriving before that.
  • Summoning Stones produce Heroes, Pets and Skins, and can be used or resold on OpenSea.
  • Eternal Brawl offers a battle game based on realistically rendered fantasy or historical figures.

Eternal Brawl is a live game of card-based strategy, offering Heroes from the real historical record that also possess special powers. Eternal Brawl is also expanding its presence with an upcoming minting event for Summoning Stones.

The game launch is coming in February, with the Summoning Stones event just before that. The screening process is now open for early owners of Summoning Stones. 

Summoning Stones are a valuable asset within the game, which can either be used or resold. Using a Summoning Stone, players can conjure up rare Heroes, skins or companion animals. 

Eternal Brawl Brings Historical, Mythical Figures

From Bruce Lee to ancient giants, Eternal Brawl makes its main battle more appealing by adding realistic fantasy-style representations of dozens of characters. The mix of skills means each match can become unique and poses a challenge to players to pick the right strategy. 

Eternal Brawl has been presenting its detailed animated characters in the past weeks, along with several events for Summoning Stones, which would be revealed in the upcoming official launch.

The game is balanced based on each historical Hero’s capabilities, but also their roles within the game. Players must pick the right team for the right game mode, with a preset mix of rules on which Heroes have a higher chance of overpowering their opponent. Heroes have four levels of rarity and different roles tied to altered game statistics.

The game will launch as part of the Vikings Shield Trust, which focuses on curating Web3 and tokenized games. For that reason Eternal Brawl will not have a native token, and will use the two assets of the Viking Shield ecosystem. Eternal Brawl will have STP as its in-game token and UGT as a deflationary token with voting and swapping possibilities. 

Eternal Brawl will be added to the Bomb Park game to boost the portfolio of Viking Shield Trust. Bomb Park is a more cartoonish version of a battle game, with a strategy based on bombing power.

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