Extocium Expands Web3 Presence After Latest Upgrade

Extocium released a new version with bug repairs, introducing arena battle mode.
  • Extocium offers hunting and resources, as well as Gold swappable for XTO tokens.
  • The game runs its beta test since January 3, with periodic upgrades.
  • Players can mint NFT Heroes, but new Hero minting will be limited as the game progresses.

Extocium is a newly trending Web3 game with a play-and-earn concept, which will try to compensate players for all the time spent on the game. Extocium is built on Binance Smart Chain, and recently had one of its scheduled version upgrades. 

Now, Extocium is opening up its arena feature in open beta, with the potential to alter content. 


Extocium offers a MMORPG with play-and-earn, plus the ability to create items and mint them as NFT. Extocium offers time-constrained, dynamic gaming where players hunt or gather resources, during periods of abundance. 

The game takes place on a 3D map with a third-person view, with a progress arc on hunting and resources, as well as the ability to upgrade and unlock new items. 

Extocium to Phase Out NFT Hero Minting

Extocium has been in beta testing since January 3, and has achieved several updates. New players must start with the latest version and set up their MetaMask wallets to connect with the game. 

Heroes in the game have already been minted as NFT, and recently Extocium repaired a bug to allow renewed insertion of NFT heroes after updates. Extocium is free to start and linking MetaMask is optional to pick up NFT. The game is already available as an Android app with more than 10K mobile downloads. The iOS version will not connect to MetaMask based on the requirements of the App Store, and will only work as a free-to-play hunting game. 

For players that want to extend the play-and-earn experience, there is a path to collect Gold in the game. Then, players can swap the gold to XTO tokens by finding the NPC Yeyirel. There is a fee to pay to get XTO tokens. The tentative exchange rate is 100K gold units for 10 XTO tokens.

Players can also choose to mint their Hero as an NFT. The mint price will be paid in BNB tokens and will depend on the stat value and the level of the hero. The game will continue to offer mints during its beta test period, but the minting will be phased out once the game achieves a balance. After that, acquiring an NFT will only be possible from other players.

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