Fables of Fyra Expands the List of Play-to-Own Games

Dragons, Dragaroos and Dragon Elves bring whimsical art to an open exploration game.
  • Fables of Fyra includes two stages – raising a dragon and using it in an open-world universe.
  • The game offers a rich 3D experience with multiple biomes.
  • Fables of Fyra aims to become a mainstream game with free version and Web3 ownership options.

Fables of Fyra is a newly arrived Web3 game that aims to offer players tools to retain their progress. The game recently lined up among top breeding NFT hubs, offering additional upgrading potential. Fables of Fyra lined up close to Axie Infinity in terms of breeding. 


The game is also developing its gameplay, improving the PoV in the exploration game. 


Fables of Fyra Offers a Rich Fantasy World

Fables of Fyra has a rich world with multiple biomes, spannins savannahs, volcanic islands, snowy peaks and jungles. The world is inhabited by dragon-like creatures, which can go on quests. The dragons have marked changes across generations, and may be used strategically based on their elements and strengths. 


Fables of Fyra also offers two more series of fantasy creatures – Dragaroos and Dragon Elves, each with their own special powers. Unlike the breeding on Axie Infinity, each Dragon can only breed once, limiting the number of available creatures. Breeding is also restricted to NFT dragon owners who play the Dragon Garden and bring their pet Dragon to maturity.

Fables of Fyra has two separate game modes, the first one dedicated to hatching a dragon and raising it to maturity. After the dragon is grown, players can continue to breed it, or use it as a playable character. 

Fables of Fyra: The Awakening is the open-world game that uses breedable dragons. The Awakening is an open world where all players can join. The game is free-to-play with ownership options. Within the game, players have farming mechanics, crafting, general quests and the creation of strategic buildings. Fables of Fyra will also contain novelty items with no utility to individualize land plots.

Players can also choose to own land as NFT, in addition to the in-game items. Holders of Keys and Land can claim higher passive rewards. Dragons are assigned to the Land owned, and help boost the daily passive reward from the game.

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