Ethlas Game Gains Web3 Prominence, Breaks 10K Downloads Barrier

Ethlas is one of the busy gaming hubs, with a functioning mobile app to engage traditional players of idle games.
  • Ethlas aims to onboard the next billion players into Web3.
  • The game will start to burn its XGEM token to reduce supply significantly.
  • Ethlas is among the newly trending Web3 games with the widest selection of mini-puzzles and quests.

Ethlas is emerging as a growing Web3 gaming company, building proprietary products and expanding into Web3 space. Ethlas already scored more than 10K downloads from its presence on Google Play. The game aims to offer an open interactive world of mini-challenges and bosses, to keep players engaged while also having Web3 ownership. 

Ethlas has the ambitious goal of onboarding the next billion into Web3 gaming. The goal is in its early stages, but Ethlas trended after creating a mini-game based on the FTX exchange insolvency and crash.

On a more serious note, Ethlas aims to become a fixture among Web3 games, with a vast array of mini-games to retain players. Ethlas is also trying to onboard players without the need to buy NFT, offering a renting mechanism. Ethlas recently partnered with Playdex, a platform for renting NFT items to get advantage in the games.

Ethlas also offers free access with the potential to own or earn assets. 

What Makes Ethlas Stand Out

Ethlas offers a unique appeal in that it has built a long list of mini-games, including puzzles, simulated physics games, endless runners or super casual games. The game also includes RPG with serial levels of access and quests. 

Ethlas offers new 3D versions of the games, and each one has a unique style. Ethlas thus becomes a one-stop-shop Web3 game. Ethlas took off after launching Ethlas 2.0, revamping most of the games to more advanced graphics.

How Ethlas Integrates Web3

Ethlas uses a model similar to that of Gameta, where players can pick their preferred game. Most of the mini-games are available as a free app, with the option for in-game earnings. Ethlas is based on the Polygon network, offering low fees for tokenization, transfers and owning NFT. 

Ethlas is also moving toward a deflationary token model, where it will burn its XGEM tokens to cut into the supply.

However, the game’s adoption is currently preceding token ownership. XGEM is only held in 2,571 addresses, about a quarter of total game downloads. Additionally, some of the game’s rewards may be off-chain with no withdrawal requests.

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