Farm Wars Builds Up on Clash of Clans Game with Web3 Ownership

Farm Wars adapts the Clash of Clans model with Web3 ownership and tokens to earn during challenges and campaigns.
  • Farm Wars offers a kill-to-earn model where players deposit funds when they challenge an opponent.
  • Fun-to-play mode allows players to experience the game without owning a Warrior NFT.
  • Farm Wars offers leaderboards for XP, airdrops, as well as farm looting challenges.

Farm Wars offers a real-time strategy taking after the model of Clash of Clans. The game will also have an earnings element, but with a competitive twist. Farm Wars will be a winner takes all game, as all the in-game items and tokens will come from defeating opponents. This approach will curb inflation and allow resources to continue the game without exhausting the economy. 

Farm Wars is also a game-first project where skill-based farming and battles will try to provide fun, while also offering earnings for the winners. The game is already launched and preparing to add tokenization and cashout options for serious players.

Farm Wars will always have a double mode of playing. Fun-to-play will be open to all users, with no requirements to invest or buy NFT. Kill-to-earn will be the main tool of an earning economy, and will be open only for players owning a Warrior NFT. 

Farm Wars Relies on User Deposits to Build Prize Pool

The funds in the game will come from the players themselves, as a type of guarantee of their skill. Players will buy value packages before the game starts and enter combat with the goal of either doubling or losing their tokens. 

In addition to using Warriors for battle, players construct a home base with storage space, mining facilities and barracks. The end goal of the game is to use resources and train up warriors and build up defense resources. Other players may decide to deposit FW coins and mount an attack on farms – and it would be a good idea for players to invest in a defense tower or a rare defense tank. 

Farm looting success also depends on the FW token balance of the attacker, with higher looting percentage for more FW held. After the farm attack, players have a Revenge time window to counter-attack the other player.

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