Fief Guild: Blood and Coin Launches NFT Guild Membership Mint

Fief Guild launches marketplace with Initial Guild Membership NFT sale.

Fief Guild: Blood and Coin expanded its ecosystem with a new marketplace, open this March 15.

The marketplace launch also kicks off with an Initial Guild Membership NFT sale. The IGM asset is a special class within the game, tailored to give future benefits. The first NFT issue of ERC-721 assets will build up guild membership and produce Fief Guild Faction rewards within the game.

The Blood and Coin game will build its guilds out of five different factions, each with attendant strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Farmer
  • Merchant
  • Craftsman
  • Alchemist
  • Bishop

The IGM asset will work like an access card, and will be minted only once. The chance is to either participate in the event on March 15, or buy the IGM NFT on the secondary market.

The owners will receive passive income in the form of FIEF tokens over a period of 200 days. The reward will depend on the rarity of the initial IGM NFT. In the Blood and Coin game, players will receive resources and items based on their Fiefdom allegiance.

IGM holders will also have exclusive access to game updates, as well as airdrops and offers from other NFT games. When buying the IGM NFT, potential players will be able to choose their faction, it will not be assigned randomly.

IGMs will also have varied levels of rarity and price differences. The Fief Guild will allow for up to 20 IGM purchases per account.

Fief Guild Completed Avalanche IDO

The Blood and Coin game will run on the Avalanche protocol, using C-Chain, the go-to choice for decentralized projects.

The FIEF asset is yet to be listed and gain liquidity, but it will be the next in-game token to use Avalanche. The daily allocation of FIEF will begin immediately after the IGM purchase, but the token claims portal will be launched later. The delay has the goal of decreasing the selling pressure on FIEF and keep price stability once the token is listed on exchanges.

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