Crabada Game Adopts Avalanche Technology for New Network

Crabada, a game with idle and battle functions, is adding an Avalanche-based Swimmer Network with TUS token for gas fees.

Crabada, one of the super casual semi-competitive games, announced the launch of a new network based on Avalanche technology. Crabada was one of the games with highly active player counts, potentially able to compete with Axie Infinity (AXS).

The new Swimmer Network will have small fees, payable in TUS tokens, as announced by the Avalanche team. Avalanche is one of the fast blockchains that supports multiple projects migrating from other networks.

Along with CRA, the Crabada game thus becomes a two-token adventure. The CRA token recently bounced off from lows and rose to $1.07, while Treasure Under Sea (TUS) has continued to slide and moves to $0.08. Using TUS for transaction fees may help diminish the supply and potentially support market prices. 

What Comes Next for Crabada

The Crabada tracker app is now available with Android mobile support, to extend the influence of the casual game. Both token tracking and NFT rarity and prices can be visualized in the app. 

The next step for the Crabada game is to build its complete PvP battle system by the end of the first quarter, at least as expected in the roadmap.

The launch on Avalanche is also expected to grow the popularity of in-game NFTs for Crabada. Starter pack and special items can now be traded and moved faster and with lower fees. 

Based on the latest DappRadar data, Crabada is among the most active NFT markets on the Avalanche network. 

In early March, Crabada had about 4,000 players per day, still about a fifth of players for Axie Infinity. But the community of the game goes beyond gameplay and NFTs. The CRA token gives incentives for staking, and more than 43% of the supply is locked for passive rewards.

CRA is also used to breed new playable characters, with a choice between passive income and actively trying to create and upgrade playable Crabs. CRA will also be given as rewards in the Swimmer Network. On March 4, the Swimmer Network test launch will coincide with the offering of The Crabada Idle Game.

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