Fight of the Ages Game Trends After Official NFT Lottery

Fight of the Ages (FOTA) takes the game-first approach to building a blockchain metaverse with earning opportunities and NFT marketplace.

Fight of the Ages is a live AAA-grade game that had its recent moment of fame after a much-awaited NFT mint event. Fight of the Ages is already a complete metaverse and RPG-MOBA hub, integrated with MicrosoftMesh. 

The game completed its alpha release and achieved several launch milestones with an open beta. FOTA also plans to extend its presence to Solana and Near Protocol. But the biggest event is the open NFT creation event through Gleam.

The airdrop event will be a lottery-like event, to distribute $10,000 worth of FOTA NFT characters of varied rarity.

The announcement boosted the social media hype around FOTA, which has been in the background compared to other P2E games. 

FOTA Aims for Multi-Network Game

FOTA is one of the games that put development first, with an experienced and business-oriented team bringing knowledge and skill from the gaming industry in Vietnam. Though it has already taken the FOTA ticker for its game token, the asset is not yet traded. 

The game’s marketplace features multiple asset classes, though with still no activity. The game will allow the trading of heroes, skins, metaverse land and weapons or other items. 

The FOTA game has decided to become a multi-chain entity, launching soon on the Polygon exchange with plans for other networks as well. This way, the game can tap players from already existing crypto communities.

FOTA reveals no data on its player activity, and so far, the native marketplace has not listed any items. Its trajectory resembles that of Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, where a product-first approach is also slowly introducing NFTs and a token. But the project has not gone the usual route of OpenSea NFT sales. 

Despite all, the social score of FOTA is comparable to that of Axie Infinity and the game may move on to tap the Asian market. The game offers stunning images and animations and an audit by Certik’s experts in smart contracts. However, FOTA is yet to achieve the wide recognition of P2E-first games like Axie Infinity.

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