Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict Launches with Goal of Becoming Mobile P2E Hit

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict opens MILICO token airdrop for game achievements, competition open until March 31.

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is one of the first P2E games to arrive from a big game studio franchise. The game extends the studio Joycity game concept, made famous with the Gunship Battle: Complete Warfare. 

Within days of its launch at the end of February, the new game lined up among the most actively used apps, competing with the likes of Axie Infinity in terms of daily users. Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict even went ahead of Undead Blocks, which has been gaining popularity with its upcoming weapons NFT mint.

As with other P2E games coming from widely known studios, the new game has a solid free to play mode for new arrivals not aware of crypto opportunities. The game has a new native asset, MILICO, which is currently distributed in an airdrop event active until March 31.

MILICO Token Airdropped for Game Achievements

Unlike other P2E token distributions, MILICO tokens will be tied to game achievements. Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is available on Google App Store and Apple Store, adding to the millions of downloads for the Gunship Battle franchise. 

The game has been reviewed nearly 7,000 times, though it is impossible to have on-chain data for users. There is also no data of a MILICO token being minted, and the game studio is yet to release the parameters of the asset. In any case, buying MILICO at this point is most probably an attempt at scamming users for a potentially valuable token.

Within the game, MILICO can be swapped for an entirely different token, Titanium, which has the logic of other in-game assets. Presumably, MILICO will be used outside the game, to lock in play to earn gains. The MILICO asset will use the Wemix Wallet, one of the apps of Wemix Games. 

Wemix is yet another game-first play to earn studio with multiple games, aiming to offer faster blockchain solutions at game speed. Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is thus solidly a game-first offering, moving away from the typical tokenomics of P2E games. The game already has positive reviews for its high-quality graphics, and will require skill and strategy unlike the casual grinding model to raise reward tokens.

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