Floki Inu Pushes for Binance Listing

Floki Inu is building up its presence, starting petitions for a Binance and Coinbase listings.

Floki Inu, a meme token tied to an upcoming play to earn game, is fighting for wider trading presence. The Floki community is spreading a petition to have the FLOKI asset listed on the Binance exchange. 

Floki Inu is a relatively late arrival and is aiming for copying the Shiba Inu (SHIB) fame. SHIB was an outlier in getting very fast listings on prominent exchanges, with an outsized effect on retail investors. 

The Floki community is also spreading a petition for a Coinbase listing, putting FLOKI in the spotlight for US-based buyers.

Meme Token Boosts Community Engagement

The biggest power of a meme token is the gathering of a community with the willingness to hold onto the asset while watching its influence grow. While FLOKI is getting traded, most early buyers have an incentive to hold and see a small investment have a bigger influence within the crypto economy. 

In the coming months, Floki is expected to launch its Vikings play to earn game. In the meantime, it is growing its influence through exchange listings, most recently joining BitGlobal. 

Additionally, FLOKI got added to Inverse Finance, a liquidity pool passive earnings scheme. The FLOKI/INV pool locks in more than $60M, still with a relatively low APR return of 0.69%. 

The Inverse Finance liquidity pool may be important after the launch of play to earn gaming on the Floki Inu platform. 

How High Can FLOKI Go

FLOKI trades at $0.0001173 after a recent price slide. As with other sub-penny tokens, the asset is volatile, erasing about 75% of its value since its peak in April. 

FLOKI is also highly active on Binance Smart Chain, with signs of purchase from top wallets. 


On BSC, FLOKI is held in more than 330,000 addresses, with $500,000 in value locked only on the FLOKI token bridge. FLOKI will also increase its supply, with the potential to reach 10 trillion over time, though only about 9B tokens are in circulation. 

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