FLOKI: Get to Know this Play to Earn Meme Project

Floki Inu (FLOKI) is the builder of the Valhalla game. FLOKI aims to become the most widely used digital token for play to earn.

Floki Inu (FLOKI) is the new metaverse community that combines play to earn with the hot fame of meme coins. FLOKI shares many common points with the hit wonder of Shiba Inu (SHIB), though with a more focused approach to building a metaverse and play to earn opportunities. 

Dog meme coins are widely known, especially after the immense success of Dogecoin (DOGE). The first meme coin, created as a joke, not only survived the early days of crypto projects, but rose from a sub-penny coin to as much as $0.70 during peak hype. 

The trajectory of DOGE inspired other projects to attempt the same feat, starting from a fraction of a cent. SHIB had to build a strong community and put in incentives not to sell the coins immediately. 

FLOKI has copied the model of creating an “army” of users, citing 350,000 supporters. Supposedly, joining FLOKI means a readiness to hold onto the coins, wait for the growth of the metaverse and earn on new projects built within the economy. FLOKI will be the pass required to participate in that economy, hence the disincentive to dump all coins, as it was usual in the earlier days of crypto.

What is FLOKI

FLOKI has an ambitious goal – to become the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world. Whether the quest will be successful remains to be seen. But the FLOKI project combines the best achievements of crypto startups so far – community building, decentralized finance, charity, governance tools, democratic investment opportunities, and a metaverse with play to earn opportunities. 

How to Get FLOKI

Unlike DOGE, FLOKI is not a coin, it is a token. Like all other Ethereum-based tokens, it is easily available to hold on MetaMask, Binance Wallet, Phantom Wallet and almost all other wallets with token features. FLOKI tokens are also active on Binance Smart Chain, opening more opportunities for play to earn. 

FLOKI has decided on an entirely democratic, decentralized mode of distribution. For that reason, trading FLOKI is available on UniSwap and SushiSwap, two of the most active decentralized exchanges for Ethereum-based tokens. 

FLOKI is also available for direct credit card purchase, requiring a shifting minimum investment based on interest in the token. The asset is also available for purchase on BitMart, though requiring extra verification. 

How Risky is FLOKI

FLOKI has moved in a wide range, starting off from $0.000003 and peaking at $0.0003. This 100X growth is nothing new in cryptocurrency space, but FLOKI comes with a warning that it can erase 50% of its value within weeks. 

The good thing is, FLOKI is relatively cheap and can be used as a direct investment in the upcoming metaverse and currently offered NFT items. 

Beware of Fake FLOKI

FLOKI is a token, and as such, it can be confused for one of its copies. For instance, UniSwap offers smart contracts that pretend to sell FLOKI, but sell a faked token, unusable within the metaverse. 

There are a number of copycat FLOKI projects with no known liquidity. The best approach is to only use official FLOKI communication channels and avoid following instructions from direct messages or from unofficial selling platforms. 

What are the Advantages of FLOKI

The FLOKI project focuses on simply making noise and aggressively marketing its products. In a crypto economy competing for attention, this strategy may bring a wider community for any upcoming play to earn games. 

FLOKI is also a relatively low-cost way to start with NFTs and potentially metaverse games. 

What Games are Coming to FLOKI

The FLOKI project sports several NFT collections, but no completed games yet. 

The Valhalla game is now in the pipeline, and will be a much-awaited addition to the play to earn ecosystem. True to its marketing drive, FLOKI has now put up character teasers and the game may start launching in February 2022. 

Valhalla will be a play to earn game with tradable characters and items, with a mythology-inspired vision mixing an adventure game and battle arena. We will review FLOKI games as they are launched, while keeping an eye on meme tokens for their potential to build grass-roots movements and dedicated play to earn communities.

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