Gala Games Adds Legends Reborn Game to Ecosystem

Gala Games adds another headline to its mix, Legends Reborn, to be built in cooperation with Kung Fu Factory.

Gala Games is building up a multi-game ecosystem, going beyond Town Star. The most recent addition is the card collection game Legends Reborn.

The new game is yet to be listed among the major offers of Gala Games. The selection was made following a community vote by token owners. Legends Reborn is the product of Kung Fu Factory, a US-based studio for gaming entertainment.

Legends Reborn will come in PC and Mac versions possibly by the end of Q1, as announced by the Kung Fu Factory Team. This will be the next game drop for Gala Games, as Spider Tanks launch is also expected around that time. 

Gala Games Bets on Walking Dead Gamers

Gala Games has also collaborated with Ember Entertainment to develop a blockchain version of the Walking Dead game. While the product is in preliminary development, Gala Games organized an AMA with the developer team.

Despite the upcoming game portfolio, for now, Town Star remains the most widely played choice with a full token and NFT model available to lock in earnings.

GALA Token Faces Weakness Despite Game Success

The start of 2022 was optimistic for play to earn projects, and there are signs of active game development. 

Token prices are another story, as most assets are dragged down by what looks like a deepening correction of all crypto coins and tokens. 

GALA is no exception, as the asset slid to $0.24, further distancing from expectations of a rally to $1. GALA is also one of the biggest losers in the past week, down around 23%. But despite the dramatic slide, GALA is showing bullish attitudes with the potential for faster recovery from the dip. 

GALA remains one of the low per-unit price tokens, potentially lowering the entry point for NFTs, metaverse plots or other use cases for the Gala Games ecosystem. GALA was also one of the top trending game tokens in the past few days, potentially making for recovery and interest in renewed buying.

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