Gala Games (GALA) Rallies on Orbs NFT Sale

Gala Games (GALA) will grant perks for the owners of exclusive NFT owners of Orbs, offering multi-media NFTs.

Gala Games (GALA) rallied in the past two days, returning to $0.33 with the potential for more significant appreciation. Gala Games by Animoca Brands, one of the most well-developed play to earn ecosystems, is now boosting its presence on the NFT market. 

The latest collection on sale for Gala is the Orbs, a series of NFT protected images with minimalist features and a multimedia experience.

The GALA market price is still relatively low, but another trend of appreciation may send the token above the market cap of Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). GALA is one of the play to earn tokens with a low per-unit price and a presence on Coinbase, potentially promising rapid appreciation. For now, GALA remains depressed after the overall cryptocurrency market remained shaky in February.

TOWN, the native token of Town Star, is now trading near a one-month low at $0.16. TOWN fell in the past four weeks, abandoning the $0.50 tier, while still waiting for a breakout.

What is the Orbs Collection

The Orbs NFT collection was part of the 888 Inner Circle collection. Tuesday’s auction with dropping prices is now open to a wider audience of buyers. 

Orbs will be sold in a Dutch auction with dropping prices over a period of 48 hours. The Orbs will not be just static NFT images, but include multimedia. In the future, owning one of the Orbs will give exclusive rights within the Gala Games ecosystem, including increased play to earn potential and color and music improvements.

Open Edition Orbs will also come to Gala Games, but with finite multimedia, less rarity and only aesthetic value. The supply of Open Edition Orbs will also be much larger, with regular mints in the thousands. The Open Edition will also not offer the endless variance generation of the first exclusive Orbs.

Gala Games partners with 888 Inner Circle, one of the hottest hubs for NFT distribution, to expand its upcoming $5B investment in tokenized digital assets. 

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