Gamium Social Metaverse Prepares for IDO on February 25

Gamium prepares for the sale of the native GMM token in two IDO sales, scheduled February 25 and March 1-3.

Gamium is preparing for a decentralized token sale (IDO) in weeks. The project aims for a blockchain-based approach for a unique metaverse model. In the Gamium metaverse, the game is to “socialize to earn”, while building a digital ID and an appealing visual avatar.

The GMM token will be key in establishing earnings. The announcement of the upcoming IDO arrives at a time when Gamium also prepares to introduce its user interface for preview. 

Gamium warns to ignore any offers of selling GMM before the official IDO, or through unofficial channels. As with other projects, scam solicitations are a risk. 

The GMM token is still untraded, and will start its price discovery after the IDO and possibly a DEX listing. 

Gamium aims to raise the equivalent of $200,000, as IDO sales are usually smaller. The initial price for GMM will be $0.0003. After the February 25 round, Gamium will launch another public sale between March 1-3.

Two private placements of GMM were recently completed. Once sold, the token will have a three-month holding period to avoid rapid selling. After that, 20% will be released immediately and the remaining 80% will be sent over a period of 12 months.

The team preserves 17% of all tokens, while the public sales will distribute just 3% of the tokens. Another 25% will be held in the treasury for reward purposes within the social metaverse.

What is Gamium

Gamium has an ambitious goal – to become a hub joining multiple metaverses, where anyone can have an identity and avatars reusable within multiple digital spaces. Gamium is building The Avatar – a solution that will make it possible to preserve one identity across many platforms.

Gamium also releases an SDK to invite creators into an open metaverse with multiple building opportunities. The main difference for Gamium lies in the private information of Avatars. Users will keep all the data private and only share the public portion to interact with metaverse hubs.

All avatars will have to be minted like an NFT to be used on Gamium. The initial price is to avoid bots from generating multiple avatars and abusing the metaverse.

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