Metaverse Land: How to Buy and Sell Plots in Play to Earn Environments

Metaverse land plots cause investor rush in 2022. Digital land plot value is still volatile and scams are multiplying.

Earning opportunities in the metaverse include land plots, which are usually big-ticket items and can be rather prestigious on the most prominent platforms. Some of the well-established plots and estates are sold on Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Demand for metaverse building and the opportunity to attract value is also making other games consider some form of plot selling. In 2022, one of the most popular games, Axie Infinity, plans to add more importance to land-based ownership. 

Which Games Offer Land Tokens

A share of play to earn games have realized their land NFTs or are planning to add land plots to their gameplay. This is especially true of sandbox-type games.

Land NFTs are available for several prominent games, and also represented on OpenSea. 

 The list of digital land plots is longer, and not all are available through large platforms. Projects like Pax.World have already built an immersive 3D experience and will organize a metaverse land plot sale in the future. Land plots will offer opportunities for sandbox creativity, decoration and NFT displays, while also becoming metaverse meeting venues.

How to Buy Digital Land Plots

It is always possible to win a land plot at an OpenSea auction, using the market price for that item. 

Digital land plots can be assigned to early token buyers, or offered for early adoption, again depending on the game. Other games include regular announcements through their social media channels, offering map extensions or special land plot sales. 

How to Keep Digital Land Plots

Digital land plots are specialized tokens that can be kept in some of the standard wallets, especially for games using Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana or some of the most widely used networks. 

Digital land plots are usually recorded as NFT, meaning they have a unique hash besides a location on the world map. Thus, owning metaverse land uses the same technology as image-based NFT items. 

How to Sell Digital Land Plots

Metaverse land, digital plots or estates have a very variable price. Unique plots may command significant prices in the millions, while lowest prices range from 3.5 ETH for Sandbox plots, to much lower base prices for up and coming games. 

Being able to resell digital land plots is not guaranteed, and as with other NFTs, the price may fluctuate and see sudden crashes. Reselling land plots may also require listing fees, gas fees or other expenses. 

Avoid Metaverse Land Scam

Metaverse land and NFTs are a new asset class and their valuation and market are still in discovery. Unfortunately, scammers are testing the waters and offering metaverse land. 

As with similar cryptocurrency and token scams, the best approach is to avoid answering direct messages. Metaverse land sales usually happen in a public event that is pre-announced on social media. Direct offers to buy a digital plot, especially one not listed on OpenSea or vetted, may lead to losses.

Discord messages are one of the tools used to reach potential buyers of fake land tokens. There is also no formula to determine the fair price of digital plots. It is best to compare prices for public plot listings, to avoid overpaying.

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