Genopets: How Habitats Change the Game, Preparing the Ground for Scholars

Genopets to combine move-to-earn with farming mechanics and KI token rewards.
  • Genopets adds Habitat Management hub for passive KI income.
  • Beta outreach to expand with an upcoming referral program.
  • KI token to be relaunched as V2 after snapshot on August 8.

Genopets is slowly adding functionalities in its goal for a fully launched metaverse plus move-to-earn game. The latest game addition is the active Habitats, or metaverse land plots that add advantages to the player. 

Genopets is currently in Phase II Beta, with habitat management now available. 

The game is still in whitelist beta, meaning some players that joined earlier are still waiting for their full access to the game. For others, Genopets already tracks steps and takes into account the NFT and Habitats acquired. 

How Genopets Will Expand

Currently, the Genopets economy depends on players with early whitelist beta access. Those that managed to also buy Habitats can now manage them and earn the in-game KI token. Habitats allow for Terraforming, Alchemy, Refinement and grinding out KI tokens. 

Genopets will start a new referral code program soon, which will increase invitations and potential player count. Genesis Genopet and Genesis Habitat owners will be the first to receive new Beta invites.

Habitat Management brings a version of a farming game, built upon the lore of Genopets. With scarce resources, the game will require initial investment and engagement to produce KI tokens. 

Habitats expand the free-to-play model where players earn KI for steps. They allow for a passive gameplay for early NFT owners. 

KI Wraps Up First Month of Trading

KI has traded for a little more than a month, standing at $0.19 with still thin volumes. The token also had a recent relaunch, moving to V2. Players had their wallet balances accounted and a new KI airdrop scheduled soon.

GENE, the game’s main staking token, now trades around $7.02, down from peaks above $34. Genopets Genesis Habitats have a current floor price of 47.35 SOL, while Genopets have a 30 SOL floor price. The game is a relatively late arrival to the move-to-earn space, and for now may be keeping a positive earnings balance by limiting players and KI token minting.

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