Genopets Hints at New Sports, Game Release Still Waiting

Genopets exists as a staking game with active NFT resales on Solana. The open beta is still expected in a few months.
  • KI in-game token stands at $0.11 during price discovery period.
  • In-game NFT trading and GENE staking are still among top sources of income from the game.
  • KI token used to craft Gene Crystals and upgrade pets.

The Genopets community is getting more impatient on the actual game launch. Recently, the game hinted at adding more sports activity to its move-to-earn game.

Currently, Genopets is mostly a staking hub for managing Habitats. Additionally, the game uses the Solana ecosystem, potentially adding a layer of complexity. Genopets is still in alpha mode, with public beta expected in 2022 but with no clear deadline.

For now, Genopets focuses on fan art and marketing activities. But the game is also slowly building up utility for its KI in-game token.

Crafting mechanics were added at the end of June, with KI having multiple in-game utilities to create and refine items. 

Will Genopets KI Gain Liquidity

The KI token, the in-game currency of Genopets, started trading this June 28. The asset is still highly illiquid, and is yet to achieve its intended function. KI is supposed to be the currency of the in-game economy once the game launches in open beta.

KI is to be used to craft Gene Crystals and speed up the evolution of Genopets. Currently, only the Jupiter DEX is carrying KI. KI is still in a price discovery period and trades around $0.11. 

GENE, the staking token, is offering resources to holders and habitat owners. GENE trades near its habitual range in the past months, at around $8.09. The asset peaked above $36 soon after its launch at the end of 2021. The Genopets game was one of the long-awaited additions for 2022, though it is taking time to launch. GENE remains a positive investment, with an IEO price of $0.80.

Genopets also offers free-to-play access, which may become one of its chief onboarding tools. Move-to-earn games have also moved past their peak, and new players may be more reluctant to pay premium prices for in-game NFT and the ability to play. Genopets can be started freely as a lifestyle app.

Genopets playable pets, crystals and habitat seeds are also represented on OpenSea, trading for SOL tokens. Top pets reach asking prices of 150 SOL.

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