Genso Meta Game Launches on Trustpad

Genso Meta, the play to earn version of the popular Genso Kishi game, prepares for token listing and NFT skin colleciton coming soon.

Trustpad is holding a high-profile game offering, for a metaverse version of an already well-established game. Genso Meta will be the blockchain-powered metaverse version of Genso Kishi, an already widely available free to play game.

Registrations are still open as the Initial Game Offering (IGO) starts in a few hours. 

The token placement is part of the already full calendar of Trustpad, one of the multi-chain platforms for whitelisting and token distribution. 

Genso Meta Token Listed on Bybit

The Genso Meta game and its MV token are already trying to establish sources of liquidity for swapping and trading. MV token arrived on the Bybit exchange in the past week. 

The Metaverse (MV) asset will go through the Bybit launch pool this Wednesday, and will be traded on the top tier exchange soon. Bybit is one of the market operators targeting cryptocurrency trading in Southeast Asia. 

The Bybit exchange will be a match for the Genso Meta game, which will inherit the popularity of the long-running Genso Kishi experience. As with the previous game, the mix of metaverse experiences, free to play and play to earn may focus on the markets in Japan and Taiwan. 

If successful, the MV token may become an important addition to the portfolio of play to earn assets.

Genso Meta Prepares with NFT and Token Timeline

The Genso Meta world will also offer a game skin NFT auction on February 7, delaying from a previously intended NFT mint at an earlier date. 

The MV token will have to complete its Trustpad and Bybit offerings. The Bybit listing is expected on January 27. Later, MV token will also be listed on Uniswap and Quickswap, with the potential for liquidity farming. 

MV may come with restrictions, and the IGO sales will be limited for US residents, residents of mainland China or Hong Kong, as well as a longer list of countries generally banned from cryptocurrency usage and exchanges. Despite the decentralized nature of token sales, whitelisting and KYC may apply.

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