GensoKishi Online Meta Stakes Claim on Web3 Space

GensoKishi will have an in-game token, swappable for ROND, which has a ByBit exchange listing.
  • GensoKishi had its official launch on December 1.
  • Land sale coming by the end of 2022.
  • GensoKishi already integrated with ByBit trading and partners with CoinCheck Japan.

GensoKishi Online Metaverse is one of the games that has tried to break out among Web3 projects. The game extends the success of Elemental Knights, a game with representation on Nintendo Switch and PS4. 

GensoKishi is one of the first projects that is confident of bringing its entire former fan base into the Metaverse and digital ownership. The Elemental Knights game reached out to a global audience and achieved more than 8M downloads. The Web3 version will extend 13 years of history, and follow the model of Ni No Kuni and other games that added a tplaokenized version. 

Adding a Web3 metaverse also boosted the social media presence of GensoKishi, and offered a positive example of NFT integration with a working product.

GensoKishi Prepares for Metaverse Land Sale

The game held its official Web3 launch on December 1, and is already forging its first partnerships, with the Coincheck exchange in Japan. After the initial release, the team is planning the first metaverse land sale, which will be a gauge of the sentiment of NFT buyers. 

GensoKishi is already showcasing its unique and nostalgic art style, while offering deeper ownership and potential earnings.

GensoKishi is also the next big game project to use Polygon, with a marked shift in picking one of the well-established and relatively older scaling solutions. Polygon has proven its presence in the past five years, and carries many successful P2E and Web3 games.

The other big difference is that players will be able to create unique skins for characters and sell them on the NFT market. Those will be known as Cosplay NFT, and so far several large designer names have partnered to work on high-grade skins.

The game will offer an in-game MV token, which can be rolled back for items. The other option is to exchange MV for ROND tokens, which can be traded on the ByBit exchange. But even with tokenization and links to crypto trading, GensoKishi is still a game-first project, which has onboarded a part of the gaming community as Web3 owners.

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